She is a hopeless romantic.
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She believes in love at first sight, happily-ever-afters and has a favorite Disney princess.
Just as pictures last forever, so does a handwritten note. A keepsake showing just how much someone meant to her.
She knows there is more to life than just being here and that will be a part of her wedding day.
She will never go out of style but she isn't afraid to put a touch of modern twist on her wedding day to make it uniquely her own.
She believes in hope even in the darkest of times. She lights up the room when she walks in because of her way to make everyone around her feel amazing.
 She wants her walls to tell her story. To have tangible items that can be passed down to her children and one day, her grandchildren.  So that the family will always remember the love that she and her husband shared.
She writes Thank You notes.
She's classic.
She radiates happiness.
Memories are important to her.
She believes.
Sara Rieth Bride
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