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Love notes from my clients.

"Sara is the perfect example of a photographer who treats her work as true art.  She has an eye for detail. The lighting that she embraces, the story she tells through each picture and the composition achieved is spectacular! Her creativity and imagination serve her clients well. I never had to give it a second thought if we were getting all of our special moments captured.  She was patient, flexible and communicated in a timely manner.  In addition to all of these wonderful characteristics, what we have loved the most is her PASSION for photography. She is passionate about not only the photography industry, but she is just as passionate about providing her brides and grooms with a beautiful love story of their very special day.  We are so thankful and very proud to call her our photographer"

[Mother of the Bride]

"When it came to our wedding day, photography was one of the most important elements to me for our day.

I wanted something that directly reflected our love story and who we are as a couple. Photographs that somehow made our memories/feelings come back to life, regardless of how much time has passed. Those are pretty high expectations if you ask me, but Sara exceeded all of them.

 Sara made me feel confident, beautiful and most of all comfortable. She took her time, had a TON of patience with our fun loving goofy families/friends, and went above and beyond while trying to get to know us and making sure she was reflecting 'us' in every photograph.

Throughout the entire process she was prompt with responses and made sure I felt at ease prior to and during the wedding. I genuinely cannot say enough GOOD THINGS about Sara. Between her heart, her bubbly personality, her passion for not only the photography, but the couples who she is capturing and her insane eye & ability to bring emotion to life within her photographs - I would recommend her to anyone. Not just as a photographer, but a possible life long friend!"


If you are looking for a photographer who is extremely passionate about her work, tells your love story through your pictures, has a bubbly and welcoming personality, treats you like a princess, and makes everything comfortable & easy, then Sara Rieth is your gal!  Sara and Nancy are amazing to work with and are beyond talented. 

Their passion and love for capturing love stories shines through in each, perfect image and is felt by the genuine happiness & pure joy they bring to your day.  I had absolutely no worries going into my wedding day because I was so comforatble with Sara & trusted them completely.  She made engagement photos, planning the timeline and the wedding day run smoothly and naturally.

I was bummed the day of my wedding because it was raining. But they made the rain even a perfect experience & her creatitivity gave us gorgeous images in the rain. 

Sara is so hardworking and dedicated to her clients that we got all of our images back within two weeks of our wedding day!  It amazed me!

By choosing Sara & Nancy, we have flawless pictures that tell our story perfectly and they will be cherished forever.  They are professional, thoughtful, organized, timely, and caring. I am so grateful we chose Sara and highly recommend Sara Rieth: Romantic Storytelling Wedding Photography!



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