1) It's a chance for you as a couple to take a step away from the wedding planning and refocus on your love for one another. 

2) It gives you a chance to get comfortable & confident in front of the camera. Almost every couple tells me they are nervous about how they'll look in their photos because they have never taken professional photos together. Once they see the images, it builds that much more confidence that their wedding day images will be amazing. 

3) It gives me a chance to get to know your love language. As a storytelling photographer, it's important for me to learn how you communicate with one another.  He might lightly wrap his fingers around yours, you might bite your lip when he looks you in the eye. I want your images to showcase your love.  And once we're at the wedding, I'll already know all the poses and looks that work best for you so that we can spend less time in front of the camera and more time making memories with your family and friends. 

3 Reasons I love them:

Drop Dead Diva may not play in the background while I edit. 
 I use smiley faces a lot.  
I'm short and cute, coming in at the super-de-duper (wow! That aged me!) height of 5'3 and 3/4".
Pastels and beach colors are where it's at.  
I love to travel and want to take my daughters to see as much of this beautiful world as I can.
 If it's sparkly, I want it. 
I workout four days a week.
I was born near Hollywood, CA but Kansas has way better sunsets.
I LOVE a blended latte from Scooters.
I dance in the car, in the shower, in the middle of the grocery store.  

I thank God for all of my blessings I have in my life. For without Him, I'd have nothing.

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