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Alex & Kate:
A Charming Vineyard Wedding in
Winfield, Kansas

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  I’ve only ever driven through Garden City as passing when I go to Colorado for weddings.  It was fun to actually explore a part of Kansas that I’m not near.  The 4 and a half hour drive didn’t disappoint.  The gorgeous hills, the blue waters, the fields of wildlife that differ from South Central […]

A Fall Engagement at Scott Lake State Park: James & Amy : Garden City Wedding Photographer

October 21, 2019


Early in the morning, rain poured but just about the time everything was getting ready to start, the clouds parted and sunshine came out.  Christi and Kyle were blessed with the best of both worlds.  The good luck rain brings on your marriage and warm sun for gorgeous images. Christi & her mom gave each […]

Graceful Catholic Wedding in Wichita – Kyle & Christi – Kansas City Wedding Photographer

October 16, 2019


  Sometimes, things are just meant to be.  The wondrous way fate brings two people together.  The way your church and yourreception venue both only have the same June Saturday left for grabs.  The way you share your wedding date with your photographer’s wedding date. I’m bias.  June 13th is the best wedding day in […]

Romantic Fall Engagement at the Wichita Country Club – Drew & Megan – Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 30, 2019


Isn’t it funny how life brings people in our lives at the perfect time? There we are, just minding our own business and poof!  Mr. Perfect is right before our eyes. Ben & Heather have a chemistry that can only be brought on by fate.  They’re at ease around one another and smile so beautifully […]

Bidding Summer Farewell – a Bradley Fair Engagement – Ben & Heather – Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 27, 2019


Aneek & Vy treat each other so lovingly.  There are sweet things that they effortlessly do and I’m not even sure they realize it. Aneek will take Vy’s hand in his and gently kiss it.  He will place his hand on the small of her back and walk by her side. Vy’s eyes light up […]

Elegant Catholic Fall Wedding : Aneek & Vy : Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 22, 2019


The more couples I meet, the more I realize that two people are meant to be with one another and that it doesn’t just happen by chance. Dylan is a firefighter and he had actually been to her apartment when it caught fire.  They didn’t “meet” each other yet and he had no idea who […]

It All Began at a Lake Engagement Session : Dylan & Brooke : Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 22, 2019


Where to begin with these two?  They are just so sweet together and beaming with happiness from the inside that you cannot help but to smile when you’re around them. Karly was pampered by her bridesmaids and mom as she got ready at the Courtyard by Marriott in Old Town.  They gasped as she stepped […]

An Elegant Wedding in Downtown Wichita : Bryce & Karly : Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 20, 2019


Meredith got ready at her home with her mom and best friend.  She was so excited that she didn’t get any sleep the night before! She shared a first look with her dad that was so sweet.   He gifted her a cross necklace for her to wear that day as her something new. Since […]

Michael & Meredith’s Farm Wedding : Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 16, 2019


Kansas country never ceases to amaze me.  There’s something romantic about listening to the sounds of Cicadas play their song as the sun sets behind the trees. Sarah and Jeremiah are getting married in March on their dating anniversary.  They had their engagement session at his grandpa’s farm in the countryside of Clearwater.  I can […]

End of Summer Dirt Road Engagement Session : Jeremiah & Sarah : Clearwater Wedding Photographer

September 13, 2019


Who would guess that the love of your life would be in a different country?  That your soulmate and you would find each other by mere chance on Twitter? Briara and Liam’s love story is proof that fate exists.  When you are meant to be together, you will find each other someway, somehow. Their wedding […]

A Secret Getaway Session: Liam & Briara : Wichita Wedding Photographer

September 10, 2019