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Alex & Kate:
A Charming Vineyard Wedding in
Winfield, Kansas

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They say to live without love is to not live at all.  Love is a pretty powerful word when you think about it.  It tells a person just how serious you are about them.  A 14 year old’s love for their boyfriend/girlfriend is different than that of the love of those married for 13 years, […]

13 Years & Counting | Casey & Sara’s Anniversary Dinner | Wichita Wedding Photographer

June 17, 2022


  I’m a firm believer that fairytales and happily-ever-afters do exist.  No matter how cliche it sounds, there are prince charmings that sweep their princesses off of their feet. Happiness filled the venue.  Kelsey was beaming her gorgeous smile and the dimple on her left cheek never disappeared.  Drew’s eyes were bright and excited. There […]

An English Garden Inspired Wedding at The English Barn | Drew & Kelsey | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

June 16, 2022


There’s something to be said about marriages that are centered on Christ.  Naturally, this guides you into being an example of His love for us. You can see your spouse through the eyes of God.  This enables us to see our spouse’s faults as not a personal attack on us, but as something they are […]

Barn at Grace Hill Wedding | Caleb & Caroline | Newton Wedding Photographer

June 8, 2022


We weren’t sure we’d be able to have this engagement session because Matthew is in the military and was deployed just a couple of months before it was scheduled to be done.  We held the date, hoping he’d be back in time.  Lisa texted me about 2 weeks prior to the session and I could […]

Keeper of the Plains Engagement Session | Matthew and Lisa | Wichita Wedding Photographer

May 26, 2022


Andy and Kylie are married you guys!  Watching the day unfold and seeing how joyful they both were was such a beautiful thing to experience! The estate wedding took place at Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas.  With stunning grounds,  refurbished horse stables and a beautiful home as their backdrop, the feel was more Kentucky Derby […]

Mildale Farm Wedding | Andy & Kylie | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

May 19, 2022


Steven and Kayeli are kind hearted and full of love for one another.  A modern day, love story, these two connected via Facebook dating.  It’s easy to see why they connected too.  Their body language with one another is so similar to the other.  They just melt into one another. They are getting married this […]

City Vibes Engagement Session | Steven & Kayeli | Wichita Wedding Photographer

May 12, 2022


I absolutely love it when I get to photograph high school sweethearts.  Melainy is a graduating senior this year.  She and Kaden had never had photos taken with each other so it was time to capture their young love.  🙂  She told me that she first saw him at a game and that was the […]

A Romantic Springtime Garden Session | Kaden & Melainy | Wichita Photographer

May 10, 2022


I’ve known Lauren since…gosh, a long time.  I think she was about the same age as my middle daughter when I first met her.  Maybe even younger.  I was her cheer coach and our families became friends.  So this wedding definitely has a special place in my heart. Lauren and her bridesmaids got ready at […]

Wedding at The Highlands | Valley Center, Kansas | Mr. and Mrs. Fenlason

May 6, 2022


The nerves didn’t get to either of them.  They were full of smiles and laughter as they hung out with their friends and family, getting ready for one of the best days of their lives.  Lisa’s bridesmaids showered her with love and compliments when they saw her all dressed up for the first time.  Cortland’s […]

Brick & Mortar Wichita Kansas Wedding | Cortland & Lisa | Wichita Wedding Photographer

April 26, 2022


  I believe in fate. Roger & Ivy met by happenstance at a friend’s house.  She liked him, but didn’t think he liked her.  He liked her, but didn’t think she liked him. They went their separate ways. A couple weeks later, Ivy decided to just reach out to him to ask if he’d like […]

Downtown Wichita Engagement Session | Roger and Ivy | Wichita Wedding Photographer

April 15, 2022

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