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Andy and Kylie are married you guys!  Watching the day unfold and seeing how joyful they both were was such a beautiful thing to experience!

The estate wedding took place at Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas.  With stunning grounds,  refurbished horse stables and a beautiful home as their backdrop, the feel was more Kentucky Derby than Kansas plains.  They loved the property so much, they asked if we could take a full hour for photos of just the two of them as guests ate.

Andy fought back tears when he saw Kylie step out onto the upper porch of the estate.  She looked so beautiful and he watched her every step. After the ceremony, they did a greeting line as guests headed to the stables for the reception.

One of the sweetest aspects of Andy & Kylie’s day was how kind they are to children.  Both having daughters of their own, they definitely have a soft spot for kids.  They created a kid play area & a baby zone at the reception.  They had a line of kids wanting to dance with them during the dollar dance and they each took the time to make sure the kids felt important.  It was really sweet to watch.

Andy & Kylie,
Thank you for having me be a part of your love story! I hope you are having the best time on your honeymoon! Enjoy this sneak peek while I finish up your full gallery.  <3

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