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I am a total sucker for love stories that involve high school sweethearts and this one is so sweet.
Corbin and Lexie were both chosen to be part of a new group that would help freshman feel more welcomed by connecting them with upperclassmen. Lexie was a sophomore and Corbin was a junior.  Since both of their last names start with an “M”, they were paired up.
Now, here we are, years later and they’ll be getting married next summer at Botanica.

Lexie told me she knew something was different about Corbin on their first date.  She didn’t like sitting across from people and liked to be side by side so that it felt more personal when she was talking to them.  On their first date, Corbin took her to Red Lobster and asked her if she would like to sit next to him.  That was so important to her and he didn’t even know.  It just seemed like the perfect match.

Corbin and Lexie have such kind souls. They were just radiating happiness their entire session. Enjoy these sneak peeks as I finish up their gallery.


Corbin & Lexie,
I can’t believe we have to wait over a year to take more photos of the two of you together. Your wedding day will be so beautiful and I’m honored to be a part of your love story!  See you soon(ish).  🙂

Yours truly,
Sara Rieth


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