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Fall weddings are my absolute, fave! The weather is most dependable and you cannot beat the colors of summer and spring paired with the earlier setting sun.

Landon & Samantha’s wedding day took place at The Fire House Event Space in Kansas City, Missouri.  The venue used to be a working fire station and they revamped it into a wedding venue.  It was the perfect mix of urban elegance.

Samantha and her bride tribe got all dolled up upstairs in the bridal suite.  Music beamed as the energy of everyone was excited.

The bride and groom had actually gotten married the Sunday before in a small ceremony on private land so all the pressure was off, but he hadn’t seen her dress before.  This day was treated as the big day itself with a restatement of their vows and everything.

They had a special appearance from their dog, Potter, for a few photos.  He was very excited to see his humans!

The details were breathtaking and went so perfectly together.

Samantha’s eyes light up every time Landon looks her way and it was so sweet to watch the two of them interact with each other throughout the day.  Even during the sparkler exit at the end of the night, they never stopped pulling one another in for kisses.  <3

Landon & Samantha,
I hope your wedding was everything you hoped it would be!  I am so excited to share this sneak peek with you.  Thank you for having me be a part of your best day ever!  Enjoy this teaser and get ready for all the pretties still to come! 🙂

Yours truly,
Sara Rieth

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An Urban Garden Wedding in Kansas City | Landon and Samantha | Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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