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Every couple has their story.  You know, the one where the hot coffee barista finally gives you his number or you bump into each other every morning while walking your dog.  Maybe you had multiple classes together in college or you even knew each other since the time you were Kindergartners.

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Well, Casey and I have our own love story.  One that isn’t wrapped up quite as prettily but it’s our own.  One that changed the course of both of our lives.  One that led me to here, sharing this with you on this cold, December day.

In high school, 15 years ago, I was kind of being stalked by a guy who was friends with one of my friends.  He was going around telling everyone we were dating, walking 9 miles to my house just for my dad to turn him away because I wanted nothing to do with him. After 5 or 6 times of being turned away and forced to walk right on back those 9 miles, he thought of asking a guy in his neighborhood to drive him.

That guy was Casey.  (Look at that sk8er boi haircut! My goodness!)

I remember opening our front door and getting ready to slam it in this guy’s face when all of a sudden, from behind in the darkness, emerges this guy who I thought was hot.  The next day, Casey pretended that he had left his hat at our house and got my phone number from the guy who was stalking me.

When he called, I was over the moon.  I was currently dating a junior ( I was a freshman) and I honestly did not get on with my boyfriend very well.  He had pushed me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with and always made me feel bad about myself.  My boyfriend was disrespectful towards me.

Casey came over and was like a breath of fresh air.  He sat on the opposite side of the couch and I started fretting that he didn’t find me as attractive as I found him.  But slow and steady wins the race because he had inched his way to my side of the couch and by the end of the movie, his arm was around my shoulders .

I remember our first kiss as though it was yesterday.  He put his hand to my chin and turned my head to face him.  He was a total gentleman and it completely caught me by surprise.

We dated for a few months and once he even had called me (a little tipsy mind you) to tell me that he had every plan of marrying me at a rodeo.  Oh. My. God. I remember hearing him explain how romantic a rodeo wedding would be and I wanted to die.

I mean, I guess it was sweet but I also thought he was moving way too quickly.  He even wanted to buy me a new phone and put me on his phone bill.  Talk about trying to tie me down early on.  We were 16 and 14!

But things came up and happened and we went our separate ways.  To this day, he can point out exactly where he was at the farm he worked at when I called him to break up with him.

He stayed in touch though.  Popping in randomly just to keep him on my radar.  I remember the summer I was about to go to college.  He stopped by Dillons because I was working as a self-checkout attendant.  My boyfriend, at the time, was working on a register over.  Casey stayed for nearly an hour just talking and watching me intently as I worked.  Finally, things got a little busy and I had to step away for a good 10-15 minutes.  I saw him just squat down and watch my every move.

My boss came up and asked if I knew him and I played completely dumb.  I told her that he had started a conversation about the fuel points and then never left.  She then asked him to leave and told me she’d walk me to my car when I got off incase he hung around.  (hehe!)

When we officially reconnected in February my freshman year of college, something just clicked.  I had never had someone look at me the way he did.  Or hold me so protectively.  Also, a few days after we started dating a second time, he offered to buy me a new phone (again) and add me to his bill (again).  I swear, this boy knew all along and never let on.

We found out I was pregnant in March and I was TERRIFIED of what his reaction would be.  If you’ve seen the movie, Unplanned, there’s a part where she finds out she’s expecting and her boyfriend immediately sets up an appointment for an abortion.  That was the first thing I thought he would do or I thought he would leave and I’d never hear from him again.  Obviously, I have some trust issues.

But when I showed up to his work scared, angry and feeling broken, he pulled me into his arms and told me we would get married.

Lord knows it wasn’t the sweep you off your feet, lovey-dovey proposal by any means.  It wasn’t what I envisioned at all in my life.  But it was so comforting to know he was supporting me even if we had just started dating again.

Stay tuned to hear about our first five years, next week. 🙂


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