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Good ole Pinterest!   I went over there to type in fall wedding ideas and was completely bombarded with burgundy dresses and navy suits like this gorgeous fall wedding from October.

It got me to thinking about how many more options I’ve seen over the years and how things I’ve seen in one season, could easily be used in another season.  Forest green for example.  It’s versatile for both fall, winter and spring and I’ve actually had it in summer too  but it’s not a color that a person would usually think of for a wedding.  However, it photographs very nicely.

Let’s first start off with why I will forever love a black tuxedo over a navy suit:

1) They feel more wedding /gala and less Sunday church service.
2) Black never photographs purple or too vibrant of a blue that it looks fake.
3) Black can match anything.  You don’t have to worry if the colors of your flowers or bridesmaids dresses will clash with Navy.

If every wedding I shot chose blush, peachy tones with gold sparkles and had black tuxedos, I’d be in paradise.   And although nearly 75% of my couples do opt for those colors, it’s fun to step out of the norm every once in awhile.  (Just don’t let it become the trend like 2019 when I shot 13 weddings in a row with navy suits and some sort of pink dress.  Navy is good in small increments.  😉 lol )

So here I am, giving you a plethora of ideas for each season.   Those you can use at different times of the year and some alternate options for grooms too!

For me personally, winter is not my favorite time of year.  I actually don’t accept any weddings in the month of January except for New Year’s because it is just so bitter cold, dark and gloomy that month.  So each year, I get a full month off and that’s a nice break after a busy fall and Christmas season.

But let me tell you, December brides know what’s going on.  From going all out in full sparkles to just hints of glimmer and shine.  These are perfect options for brightening up a winter sky or adding some glitz to a NYE or Christmastime wedding. And you can pair it with creams, greenery, black, other metallic colors like silver & gold.

Red sparkles photograph SO much better than burgundy dresses that tend to look more brownish in photos.  This is a great fall and winter choice!

The above photo was a December wedding but the below was a May wedding.  Blush and cream tones with touches of sparkle could be used in any season depending on the shade of pinks or creams you choose.

Now if you love burgundy, opt for hues that have more plum tones in them and mix & match to help brighten the image.  You never want everyone to be wearing dark clothes and holding dark bouquets for my style of photography.  You want a mix of lights and darks to play up the bright & vibrant style I shoot and edit.  Kate’s wedding was a late spring wedding but her colors could have easily been used in the fall since a couple of her bridesmaids had deeper hues and her bouquet had a mix of light & dark in it.

And let’s not forget about the guys!  This groom chose a floral tie to compliment his boutonnière.  This wedding took place in September but if you switch the buttercup for a cream or pink instead of plum, the suit & tie could have worked for summer & spring too.  And if the groom wore a tan suit instead of grey to match the tie, it would compliment gold dresses for a winter wedding.

Like complimenting these dresses below.  Proof that your fall wedding can achieve spring & summer light!

Yellow and orange are the hardest colors to photograph.  They tend to pick up green from their surroundings. If you add yellow into your spring, summer or fall wedding, compliment it with plenty of pinks to help balance the green reflecting from the leaves or opt for paler greens such as eucalyptus & succulents.

Now, I personally LOVED what my bride, Heather did for her fall wedding.  She did four in plums and two in sparkle gold to break it up.  Plus, look at these cute, fall blanket shawls that they used to stay warm!  This is another great idea you could easily do in winter and take the shawls away and you have spring & summer options. Plus will always photograph better than burgundy as it stays true to color.

You’d never know that this photo below was taken in a back alley in the middle of Kansas City but my eye for light helps even on a day where it’s a windchill of negative 12 out.  :O  Yes, we had to go back and forth, inside and out to get photos but I love what my bride did with her ensemble to keep warm.  Plus, check out her bridesmaids too.

Again, mixing and matching darker with lighter colors and they had winter shawls to help stay warm.  Adding matching gloves would be a great option for your bridesmaids too.

Another great winter option is seafoam.  It’s wintery and can be mixed with blushes, creams, greenery and blues.  And as always, black tuxes for the win because they match EVERYTHING and photograph the best.  You’ll actually notice that the majority of my couples opt for black tuxes.  It just has a romantic & glamorous feel to it that colored suits don’t.  I see a tux and think wedding gala.  Which, if you’re anything like me and love all things sparkly, you know exactly what I’m talking about.  🙂

I will forever laugh when I see this photo!  But another example of how sea foam/ mint hues can be used in spring, summer and fall too.  The color is one of the most versatile after gold.

If you’re feeling like stepping out of the box, Mindi knew just how to achieve it so eloquently.  Her bridesmaids stood by her side in white.  The wedding took place in fall but white would look great any time of year!

Ok, let’s talk about tying in all of your details to match your wedding colors too.  From the ribbons Lexi provided me, to her perfume & shoes, the dresses.  Everything was a different shade of blue paired with gold.

And if your man is going to wear a navy suit, opt for a warm undertone (cool undertones photograph more purple) like David’s and play it up with a fun tie to add some personal flair.

Kassidy’s bridesmaids looked AMAZING in their red dresses.  Notice they aren’t burgundy and they aren’t bright red either as both of those photograph very harshly and differently than they look in person.  Remember, undertones should be neutral in reds & plums to prevent them looking too brown, orange or bluish. This wedding was in the fall but would easily work in the winter too.

And her husband, Warren, chose a black tux with a red tie that matched her bouquet perfectly!

Adding floral dresses in your lineup helps break up the colors and plays up the spring & summertime garden vibes.

Here’s another option for your groom.  Oatmeal photographs very nicely and can be worn in spring, summer or winter if you pair it with gold, sparkle dresses.  This wedding took place in the summertime and those blush and peach tones had me swooning!

You are investing in your photographer to capture your beautiful day so take the time to carefully select colors you truly love, feel represent you and that will make you so happy to look back at in the photos.  I hope this helps you brainstorm for some color palette ideas and I can’t wait to see what all of my 2021 couples have up their sleeves.

And even if you are getting married in the fall/winter of this year and have your colors all set and dresses bought, you can get some ideas for how to incorporate accent colors into your details, flowers, and see some fun ideas to help keep you warm this fall and winter.

Happy wedding planning, beautifuls!

Yours Truly,

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