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Drew & Megan have a very, prayerful life and it was evident in how sacred they treated their wedding day.

Megan got ready at the Hilton in Downtown, Wichita.  Her mom helped her into her ballgown and happy tears were fought back. Even though bridesmaids are usually pampering the bride as she gets her jewelry and shoes on, the moment of just her and her mom was truly special.

Drew was at the Cathedral already once we arrived.  Megan asked me to get photos of him reading the letter she wrote to him and just moments later, she read a letter from him.  Happy emotions filled them as tears glistened in their eyes.  Sometimes, not seeing each other before the ceremony but having a special moment such as a note reading, is even better than a first look.

Megan entered the church and Drew locked his eyes on her.  He watched her as she approached and then helped her up the stairs to stand at the altar.  Father prayed over their marriage & celebrated their marriage with the Holy Eucharist.  After sharing their first kiss as husband and wife, they were all smiles when they walked back up the aisle and headed down the Cathedral steps.  Passing cars honked, yelled congratulatory words and one even clapped along with Drew & Megan’s family when they went in for a kiss.

Their big celebration with their extended family and friends will be taking place in November at The Petroleum Club in Wichita, Kansas and I just know so many more amazing photos will be coming!  For now, enjoy this sneak peek into their wedding day with all the intimate moments that will leave you just smiling from ear to ear.

Mr. and Mrs. Walters,
Can you believe it’s already been 10 days since you became husband and wife?  I hope you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon!  Thank you so much for having Memory and I be a part of your love story.  We’re just so happy for the two of you.  We can’t wait to see you again in November!  <3

Yours Truly,


They sent out postponement cards to all of their guests.  I love the hashtag they chose.

She brought her baptismal gown and First Communion dress for a special photo with her wedding dress.

Her maid of honor couldn’t be there because she was in the very early stages of labor.  She and Megan had a FaceTime just moments before Megan walked down the aisle.

Cathedral veils are my absolute, favorite! I loved how her mom and dad helped her put it on and lay it out.

Even Drew’s watch was black & white with gold accents.

Megan’s penmanship is gorgeous and I loved getting a little creative with the way I photographed the note before he opened it.

Both cried tears of joy as they read each other’s notes.

A pregnant Mary faces her son on the cross in the Cathedral.  Symbolic to show that she knew what God was asking of her and how she knew how much she’d lose in order for the world to be saved.

Her father and step-father walked her down the aisle and Drew couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

In a Catholic wedding, Christ is the center of the marriage and this is why it is to only take place at the altar where the Eucharist is present.  Drew & Megan chose to hold a crucifix in between them to visualize Christ in the center of their marriage.

Catholic weddings also take a moment to present flowers to Mary’s shrine at the church and to pray to her to ask for blessings on their marriage since she played a special role in the creation of the Catholic Church.  Statues are used as a way for Catholics to remember those important in the faith and to help them visualize or feel connected to their spirit now in heaven (kind of like pictures are passed down from generation to generation).

Look at those smiles!

It’s official!

I’m a sucker for black and whites.  And look at her gorgeous, veil!

Her dress came all the way from Europe and the best part? It has pockets!

The intricacies of her dress were breathtaking.

I love trying to take images that show off the groom’s ring.

Aren’t they beautiful together?

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A Timeless & Romantic Wichita Wedding at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception | Drew & Megan | Wichita Wedding Photographer

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