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Tabi met me at the bridal show back in January and instantly, our personalities clicked.  She’s vibrant, happy and full of love for her fiance.

Because of Covid-19, I wasn’t allowed to shoot for over two months.  That meant that all of my engagements and weddings in March & April had to be postponed.  To be back behind the camera for good makes my heart and soul so happy!

I couldn’t have asked for a better session to start back up to.  Chad & Tabi drove all the way from Independence, KS for their engagement session.  They are such a blast to work with.  They are easy going, funny and up for any of my ideas I have.  Watching their little moments happen was the best.  Chad would get Tabi to laugh and then he’d laugh because she was laughing.  Obviously that would lead to me laughing because it’s contagious and you just can’t help yourself!

Their wedding day is this September and I cannot wait to meet all of their friends and family and capture more beautiful moments of their love story.

Enjoy this little sneak peek into their session!

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Summertime Vibes Engagement Session at Bradley Fair : Wichita Wedding Photographre

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