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Once you’ve watched Tiger King and know exactly who Carole Baskin is, you know that is a sign that you have run out of things to do.  It’s easy to keep looking at the uncertainty and to let worry build up while falling into a slump and not being very productive. (Especially if you’ve had to change your wedding date thanks to this hot mess).

That being said, there are a few things you can do from home.  🙂

1)  This is the perfect time to shop around for your invitations and thank you’s.  If you don’t have a new date set yet, you can at least design your invite and then once you’re ready with a date, you’re all set to go.

2) Finalize what your bouquet, cake & centerpieces will look like.  You’ve been pinning inspiration for months and now you have the time to sit down and really decide on what you love most.  Have a notebook on hand and write what you love about each piece you’ve pinned.  Then, you can draw it out or write out exactly what you’re envisioning.  Even though your florist shop & bakery might be closed physically, they more than likely are working from home too and have more time on their hands as well.  This will help both of you have something to do.

3) If you’ve already had your wedding or even your engagement session, write reviews.  If a hair & makeup artist helped at the engagement, you have three reviews you can leave (including your photographer 😀 ) If you’ve had your wedding, you can leave a review for everyone that made a positive impact on your day.  This will give them new content to post as well as give you a sense of satisfaction for making someone’s day a little brighter.

4) If you have your dress on hand, use it as an opportunity to get used to walking, sitting and dancing in it.  Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t play dress up and have a little fun.  Breaking in those heels for your big day will be met with lots of thanks once you finally get to say, “I do” and you’d be surprised how hard it can be to move around in a poofy or long gown or to sit and dance in a form fitting dress.

5) Make an ‘incase of emergency’ bag to have on hand with you day of wedding.  Things like a needle, thread, a crochet hook to help button your gown up, sticky tape for your boobs, touch up makeup, toothbrush, toothpaste, mints, tissue. You’d be surprised how often things like this are forgotten and can make a huge difference in saving time or your confidence on your wedding day.

6) Pack up that details box.  All the little details you want photographed to help tell your love story.  Your shoes, perfume, invites, etc (see your Bride Tribe Guide for the full list).  It’s something you have to do anyways so you might as well get it done now.

7) Make a list of all vendor’s contact information for day of.  This way, if you have any questions day of, you’ll have their number on hand.

8) Finalize that timeline.  Again, it’s something that needs done anyways so why not get it done early? 🙂


9) Create your family photo list.  If you’re one of my brides, check out the Bride Tribe Guide for a sample list and tips on how to have the best family photos ever.

10) Finally, do something to make you feel good every day.  Whether it’s putting on the music loud and dancing your heart out, meditating during yoga, taking a walk/jog or breaking a hard-core sweat in at home HIIT sessions.  Not only will it boost your mood, it’ll help you feel more confident going into the wedding day with how you look in your gown and how you’ll feel in pictures.  Don’t do something you absolutely dread.  (For me, that’s running. My asthma hates it and so do I) But choose to do something that clears your mind, boosts your mood and gives you a little bit of a brighter outlook on this whole situation.

And for online workouts, here are a few of my faves to check out:
The Ashy Bines Squad Fitness & Diet App (complete with multiple types of workouts, most in the comfort of your home or yard plus hundreds of clean eating recipes) – Only $80 for the year.  Has a range of hiphop dancing, HIIT and Barre (Barre is my fave one here!) and it’s $10 a month. And don’t forget that you can purchase workouts from trainers like Jillian Michaels directly on Amazon Prime.

Let’s take control over the things we can in our lives right now and make this spring one that can’t bring us down.  Happy Tuesday, beautifuls!

Yours Truly,

10 Things Brides can do while Staying at Home:

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