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When the best friend, Jenna, reached out to me about a month ago, I was so excited to hear the news!  Ian was planning on proposing to Victoria but the date hadn’t been set yet.  I told her I’d be there.  Last week, I got the message that it was happening!  The week was filled with messages and calls getting everything planned out and hearing all of the excitement from everyone.

Victoria, Jenna & Sophie went to a baby shower just down the street.  Afterwards, they went out for drinks at Vora European Restaurant.  The bartender helped Ian out by telling the girls that there was a special wine & food tasting going on the roof.  So they headed upstairs.  I was hiding behind a wall and could only see Ian.  I knew Victoria was up there immediately because Ian started smiling so big! He walked over to her and they held each other.  After a few moments, he walked her to the sign, got down on one knee and she fought back tears of joy.  9 years in the making!

After the initial shock set in, she realized I was there and that was such a fun moment for me.  She’s been following me on Instagram for over a year.  We met at the bridal show in January and hugged immediately because when someone follows you for that long and you build an online friendship, you just feel comfortable around them.

I think the best part of it all was when she realized that her closest friends and family were watching from a distance.  She screamed, they screamed.  They ran over to hug her and look at the bling, bling.  13 onlookers were there the entire time and she hadn’t noticed.  They all spent time hugging and celebrating together.

Afterwards, we took a few photos of just the two of them together before their family & friends took them out to dinner (Victoria was so happy to finally have food since there wasn’t food on the rooftop after all! 🙂 )

Ian & Victoria,
Congratulations, again!  I’m so darn happy for you guys!  It was fun to be a part of this moment in your lives and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes you.   Enjoy this sneak peek as you proudly show off your newly engaged status!  😀

Yours Truly,


Ian & Victoria’s Rooftop Proposal in Downtown Wichita at Vora European Restaurant

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