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Let’s be completely honest, even though being pretty much quarantined is a necessity for our country’s health and for the economy to bounce back, most of us are frustrated.  This year has hit hard for couples everywhere in the nation.  First, the announcement of Noah’s Event Venues going bankrupt and all brides booked through them at 22 locations lost thousands of dollars they invested in their venue.  A good portion of those brides being forced to post-pone their wedding date last minute.

Now, 2020 couples are facing another problem with Covid-19.  March, April and early May brides everywhere are panicking because of everything they have to change.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to reschedule all of my April brides for a summer date and I’m grateful that they are still able to have their dream wedding with their dream vendor team.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for every couple and it’s a sad, frustrating time.

In the midst of it all, we need a little humor.  A little something to do while pretty much forced into staying in our homes for weeks.  So if you’re stocked up on toilet paper and junk food, have some fun cuddling your future spouse, boyfriend or husband and watch these romance movies that will leave you feeling all warm and bubbly inside.

Plus, a few romantic images from my weddings to help you with all the feels. . 🙂

Father of the Bride
Personally, one of my faves because it’s from the father’s perspective instead of the bride’s.
Forewarning, if you’re close to your dad or have kiddos of your own, grab that TP.  You’ll need a few squares!

Bride Wars
Nothing like trying to outdo your best friend’s wedding. . .

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
This one is great for couples mixing cultures or if you have a loud family and can relate.  Windex co-stars in this one.

27 Dresses
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Mamma Mia & Mamma Mia 2
I’ll be honest, the second one was a lot better than the first to me.  But if you grew up listening to A-Teens (or if your parents listened to ABBA) you’ll find it hard not to sing along.

The Proposal
This one is definitely more slap stick comedy but who doesn’t need a good reason for a ridiculous laugh right now?

The Wedding Singer
This one will leave you feeling not so bad about Covid-19 changing your wedding day plans.

The Wedding Date
I think we all can relate to how awkward it would be to attend a wedding alone.  Filled with romance everywhere, we need a date and who cares if it’s a phony one, right?

Monster in Law
Five years ago, I had a wedding where the mothers got into a literal fist fight.  This mother in law doesn’t seem all that bad after that.

Guess Who?
I love this one because I feel like every groom can relate how nerve-racking it is to meet the future father in law.

Meet the Parents
It’s a little outrageous of a plot but the “it could always suck more for my wedding” does come to mind when watching this.

The Greatest Showman
This isn’t a wedding movie but if you’re like me, Charity & PT Barnum’s relationship in this movie will make you swoon.  Plus, the music makes the movie amazing.

Crazy Rich Asians
The scene of the bride walking in is the best part.  Water flowing down the aisle.  I mean, who can’t help be inspired by some of the crazy things this wedding has while getting a good laugh at how awkward it is to meet his family.

What Happens in Vegas
Well, Vegas has gone dark this week so I guess the term, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” really does apply now.  Too bad it didn’t apply for these two love birds.

She’s the Man
I know we’re not in high school anymore but does that really matter when it’s Amanda Bynes making you laugh out loud?

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
This is one of my all time favorites.  Such a great movie to make you laugh and put you in a good mood.

13 Going on 30
I appreciate this movie so much more now that I’m almost 30. 😉

The Holiday
Christmas in March.  It’s sweet and romantic so  you can watch it any time of year.

Miss Congeniality
Not so much a romance movie but man it’ll make you laugh.


And a bonus one because it’s my all time favorite movie ever…

Legally Blonde.
You just can’t beat Elle Woods.  She’s definitely my persona because who ever said orange was the new pink, is seriously disturbed. 😉

20 Must Watch Movies During Covid-19 : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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