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Somewhere every day, a wedding photographer is excited as their email flashes the words, ‘New Inquiry’.  They read the contact form, get pumped that you shared details with them about your wedding day and are stoked when they see that it’s a day they’re still available for.

If they use a management tool online such as Honeybook, they can see that you read their email.  They can see that you logged into the galleries they sent you to check out.  You seem really into them and their work and sound so thrilled that they are available for their best day ever.

But then a few days pass and they start worrying.  Worrying if their investment guide didn’t open properly, that the gallery links are broken, that Honeybook is incorrect about you viewing the email.  They haven’t heard anything back…what are they going to do?

With wedding planning being so overwhelming, especially if you mix in working full time or going to college, we understand you need time.  So we just send a friendly note to make sure you received everything ok a few days after our initial response.  A week, maybe two goes by and it’s at that moment that we realize the “word that must not be named” has happened to us.

Ghosted.  Being ghosted is by far the most frustrating aspect of running your own business.  I really appreciate the brides who take an extra minute to write to me and let me know why they chose to go another route.  Sometimes it’s budget, other times they feel that they’ll mesh better with a different photographer, others tell me they chose a dark and moody photographer.  I promise I won’t be offended if you share why you chose someone else.  I’ll be honest, it makes me feel a lot better knowing that I didn’t do anything wrong.

I mean, if I’m feeling super excited about a couple because we seem to mesh well and their wedding aligns right with my brand, even if they come upfront and tell me they choose someone else, it bums me out.  I don’t accept every wedding that comes my way because I want to make sure we are a perfect fit, but when you feel like you’re a perfect fit and it fizzles, it is hard.  But knowing at least lets me know that it’s not me.  (kind of like a break up, huh? haha!) However, when a ghosting comes along, it’s hard not to take it personally.  We photographers start replaying everything in our heads.  Our pricing is listed on our websites so it’s rarely budget.  Our style is everywhere on our websites and social medias.  So it’s easy to assume that it’s the way that we talked in our emails, the way we expressed our thoughts and words in our investment guides or that you see the links we send you and you hate the work we’ve poured our hearts and souls into.

It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it stings.  It’ll weigh on our hearts all day.  The majority of inquiries we receive will be for dates we’re already booked.  For every 10 emails I receive, I’m already booked for 7 of the dates.  And from that, I book 1 out of every 3 weddings. That means I am getting ghosted by 20% of all inquiries. . . 

I promise, we don’t need anything fancy-shmancy.  Just a quick note to let us know you’re going a different direction and why you decided on that.  Remember, this business is like our baby.  We built it from nothing and spend hours upon hours perfecting our craft, marketing ourselves, editing, emailing, updating our websites, blogging, networking, creating albums, ordering products, creating guides and videos for our couples, on top of shooting engagements, bridals and wedding days.  We stay up until 2am or wake up at 4am to get all of the work done that needs to be done.  .  .


We LOVE what we do.  It’s meant for us to be here.  If you take the time to inquire with us, we know that means we’re in your top 3-5.  All we ask is that you calm our nerves, stomp our doubts and send us an email to give us closure.  We truly appreciate that.  <3Yours Truly,
Sara Rieth:
Romantic Storytelling Wedding Photographer



A Dirty Word in the Wedding Photographer World : Ghosted

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