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Daleen and her bridesmaids all got ready at a private estate in Cheney.  Walking in, it was warm and cozy.  A fireplace greeted us and flashes of red were everywhere.  Daleen’s favorite time of year is Christmas.  Her favorite color is red and she loves the colder weather because it’s perfect for snuggling in close with the one she loves most.

The perfect Christmastime wedding was unfolding.  She and her bridesmaids wore red, flannel pajamas and they cozied up by the fire before putting their sparkly, red dresses on.  Daleen slipped on her dress in front of the golden embers as her bridesmaids helped her with the final touches.  Right down to her cherry, red stilettos!  After she was dressed, she and her mom spent a moment together just hugging and then fluffing her veil.  There was just so much happiness and love that filled the rooms.

Zeke and his groomsmen changed into funny socks once they arrived at the church.  Although, I didn’t even notice what his socks were until during family photos and you won’t want to miss them!  He and his mom hugged each other after he was dressed.  The moment was finally here.  It was time to walk down the aisle.

Their ceremony took place at St. Peter the Apostle’s Catholic Church in Schulte, Kansas.  The large doors opened and presented Daleen’s father escorting her down the aisle.  His smile was full of pride as he glanced towards his daughter before they met Zeke near the end of the aisle.  After he shook Zeke’s hand and headed to his pew, he quickly wiped away a tear.  Father Bernie Gorges talked about how Jesus’ crucifixion is the ultimate sign of love and how marriage is our reminder that Jesus is still very present here on Earth.  That married couples are a light to the world and demonstrate sacrifice and ultimate love for one another just as Christ did for His Church. They exchanged vows, rings and had the Holy Eucharist before being announced as the newest Mr. and Mrs. Palmer!

After family photos, they wanted to take a few moments to adore Our Lord in the adoration chapel and asked if I could take a photo.  It was such a sacred moment to feel the presence of Jesus surround these two.  Their first decision together as a married couple was to include Him and worship Him.  What a way to set the strength of their marriage!

Heading back outside, their truck was decked out in Christmas style.  Flour topped the hood of the car to resemble snow and toilet paper was everywhere.  The two of them laughed as Zeke helped Daleen inside of it so that they could head to their reception at the fairgrounds in Cheney.

Once at the reception, more Christmas spirit decked the halls.  Christmas trees were everywhere and on the dance floor, Mistletoe hung from the chandelier.  The perfect spot for the couple to share their first dance.  They served warm chili and cinnamon rolls for dinner and the night was just beginning.  It was a magical day.

Zeke & Daleen,
I hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed of and more. The two of you are both so kind and full of happiness that it is easy to see why your souls were drawn to one another.  I am so happy for you!  Thank you for choosing me to be a part of your love story.  I hope you two snuggle close and enjoy this sneak peek into your best day ever. I cannot wait for you to receive all of them!

Yours Truly,

I’m completely obsessed with these dresses!

Aren’t these just the cutest pajamas for a Christmas wedding?

These little girls were so adorable!

So many Christmas vibes!!!

Mother/daughter moments all get me.

I loved her shawl to help keep her warm!

She was radiant!

Zeke was smiling all day!

Advent made for the perfect touch to their wedding.

The moment has finally come!

And I’m a total sucker for black and whites during ceremonies.  They’re just so beautiful in Catholic weddings!

This is the moment right after family photos that they chose to spend in the adoration chapel.

How cute are they!?

On their way into their happily-ever-after!

Tina DeOrsey always outdoes herself with the florals!  Just lovely!

I told them to party loudly enough for all of Cheney to hear.  They definitely delivered. 🙂

How romantic are these!

I told you his socks would knock yours off your feet.  😀

They’re so beautiful together!

Every guest was given an adorable cup to bring to the bar for the night.

I absolutely love how they incorporated pine everywhere to play up the holiday.

Walking into the reception in total boss style!

Daleen made this zucchini bread cake herself!

I don’t think you can get a first dance more romantic than having mistletoe over you.

Showing off their moves.

The father/daughter dance was so fun to watch!

The way his mom looks at him is priceless.

Party time!!!

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A Christmastime Wedding : Zeke & Daleen : Cheney Wedding Photographer

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