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Whenever I get the chance to work with my couples after their wedding day, I geek out a little.  It’s such an honor to work with them a third, fourth and fifth time.  Christmas photos, anniversary sessions– it’s just so much fun getting to catch up with them and see how they are doing.

David and Lexi added an adorable Golden Retriever to their family after their wedding.  He was the first decision they made together as newlyweds and just look how happy he is!

For first anniversary sessions, I always take my clients back to where it all started…their wedding venue.  It’s wonderful for them to reminisce on their day while walking hand in hand and enjoying the beautiful memories all over again.

So for this session, we headed out to the riverwalk by Exploration Place on the perfect November night.  I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into their anniversary session and the love that they continue to have for one another every, single day.  <3

Yours Truly,

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Downtown Wichita Anniversary Session: David & Lexi

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