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Early in the morning, rain poured but just about the time everything was getting ready to start, the clouds parted and sunshine came out.  Christi and Kyle were blessed with the best of both worlds.  The good luck rain brings on your marriage and warm sun for gorgeous images.

Christi & her mom gave each other gifts that meant so much to one another.  Happy tears were fought back as the two of them hugged one another and laughter followed.  Christi’s bridesmaids & her mom helped her get ready and of course, more laughter filled the room at the beach house at Bright Water Bay.

Kyle & Christi decided to write notes to one another and stood back to back to read them before seeing each other.  When they turned around, Kyle’s emotions swept across him as he stared into the eyes of his beautiful bride.

Their ceremony took place at Church of the Magdalen.  After the ceremony, a bubble exit sent them off in style before they headed downtown to Distillery 244.  They made a stop along the way to take a couple of pictures with their dog, Chloe.  The pet resort she was staying at was already closed when we arrived.  We voiced how important it was to our clients that they have a couple images with their adorable pup.  We got them to stay for 15 minutes so we were able to get a couple shots of the happy couple with their just as happy pup!

After some in the street shots in downtown Wichita, their reception was in full swing.  So much joy and excitement filled the air as they were announced.  They cut into their cake and toasted to their love before heading out to the dance floor to show off their moves.  The father/daughter and mother/son dances followed and they were just as much fun to watch as the first dance.  Everyone was just so happy to celebrate the bride & the groom’s marriage.

The dance floor filled up quickly and everyone danced the night away.


Kyle & Christi,

As I work on these images, I can’t help but to smile.  They radiate the happiness you had on your wedding day.  All of the memories of your wedding day may seem far away as if it came and went so quickly but the moments captured will be there for you to look back on year after year on your anniversary.  I’m so happy that you found your forever love!  And just love, love, love Chloe’s big smile!  She is seriously the cutest.  <3

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek as I finish your full gallery.  🙂

Yours Truly,


Isn’t Chloe a cutie?

Popping champagne in the middle of town like it’s no big deal.  🙂

Partying like rock stars….

Graceful Catholic Wedding in Wichita – Kyle & Christi – Kansas City Wedding Photographer

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