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Have you ever looked at a couple and just known that God had His hands in their relationship?  You can actually see that soulmates exist when they embrace one another.  That’s how I feel with Caleb and Tessa.

Tessa, her mom, Caleb’s mom and her best friends were all part of her bride tribe that helped her get ready.  Confetti showered over them in their adorable robes before getting her ready for the best day of her life!

Tessa shared a sweet first look with her dad once we arrived at the church.  He fought back tears as she dabbed her eyes.  She gave her parents gifts to show her love and thankfulness of all that they do for her each and every day.

Moments later, Caleb turned around to see Tessa for the first time.  He gave her the look every bride hopes for from their groom.  Utter devotion filled with loving emotions as she walked up to him to hold his hands.

Their ceremony and reception took place at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in McPherson, Kansas.  A beautiful homily by Father shared how they can make this world a better place by being with each other and possibly adding mini Tessas and Calebs sometime in the future.

More confetti flew as they exited church and headed towards their picture location (which may be my favorite spot to date!) They were all smiles after smiles as they celebrated.

The reception kicked off with them cutting their cake and greeting guests .  They shared their first dance as husband and wife before dancing with their parents for sweet moments that will always be cherished.  Sparklers bid them farewell as they walked hand in hand towards their very own, “and they lived happily-ever-after”.



Caleb & Tessa,
Where do I even begin?  True love is hard to come by and you have found it.  Thank you for having me be a part of it all!  It was an honor.  Remember that in the years to come, to pull out your wedding album and look at your photos so that whenever an argument arises, you feel worn out or find it hard to find time for one another, you’ll be able to remember the day it all started and how much joy and love you have for each other.  <3
Enjoy this sneak peek!

Yours Truly,

If you love what you see, I’d love for us to get to know each other!  Click here to see the #SaraRiethBrideTribe experience and to inquire about your wedding date.  Now booking 2020-2021.  🙂 

A Graceful Blush & Gold Sparkle Wedding in McPherson, Kansas : McPherson Wedding Photography

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