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Sometimes, things are just meant to be.  The wondrous way fate brings two people together.  The way your church and yourreception venue both only have the same June Saturday left for grabs.  The way you share your wedding date with your photographer’s wedding date.

I’m bias.  June 13th is the best wedding day in the entire year.  At first, I was hesitant to tell Megan that I couldn’t shoot the wedding because it landed on our anniversary.  But honestly, Casey & I always celebrate during the week so it’s less crowded and easier to find a sitter.  Plus, what better way to kick off their wedding then to be celebrating my own 11th wedding anniversary that day.  I am going to be their good luck charm, for sure! 😉

Drew & Megan met in college and have been together for seven years now.  Seven years and he still stares into her eyes as if the entire world doesn’t exist and she smiles as if it’s the first time she’s noticed he’s head over heels for her.  They love to laugh and share stories about their lives and having that history together has bonded them more closely.

I am so excited to be a part of their love story!  I hope you enjoy this sneak peek into their beautiful, engagement session. <3

Yours Truly,

This next photo is on my insta IGTV & FB videos to show you how I edit step by step.  I’m in love!

I love it when my couples just are in the moment.

Her ring is gorgeous!

And to end the post with a fun one.  🙂

Romantic Fall Engagement at the Wichita Country Club – Drew & Megan – Wichita Wedding Photographer

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"In old films, whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would just kind of...pop. "

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