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Justin & Jen have to be the happiest people I’ve had gotten to know. Jen’s beaming smile as she got ready was more than enough to show just how much she was ready to marry Justin.  The sun shining, Labor Day wasn’t at all what you’d expect for a September wedding but the heat didn’t stop them from having the best day of their lives.

After Jen’s bridesmaids helped her get into her beautiful dress, she shared a very special first look with her mom.  Her mom couldn’t stop telling Jen how beautiful she looked and how happy she was for her.  Jen took her mom’s hand in her own and gave her full attention…letting her mom know how important she is to her.

Jen just recently was casted as Winnifred Sanderson in the upcoming Hocus Pocus satire comedy playing at Roxy’s Downtown so Justin’s wedding gift to her played off of that.
The first week that Jen & Justin were together, they were out and about town when they came across a comic of Batman getting married.  Jen already knew she’d be marrying him one day and went back after he left to buy it.  To say he was surprised that was his gift is an understatement. Their gifts were both so thoughtful!

Afterwards, they shared their own first look and Justin’s reaction was everything a bride hopes for. (Just wait for the photos below! <3 )

Their ceremony took place on a pavilion in the woods at Rustic Timbers Event Venue. They decided to ask seven couples to share seven blessings with them as part of their ceremony. Each couple shared a word they were given with words of wisdom about that particular blessing word. After exchanging vows and rings, they turned to face their guests and their expressions were absolutely priceless! They kissed as husband and wife for the first time before exiting into the Saber Arch of the Air Force.

After being announced into the reception, they shared a thank you toast to their guests where Jen proudly stated thank you to everyone for celebrating “Our marriage!” The biggest smile came. They showed everyone their dance moves in their choreographed first dance.  Justin whisked his beautiful bride off her feet. Afterwards, Jen shared a special dance with her father who looked so proudly at her as he swayed back and forth with his daughter.

Their reception was filled with many one of a kind moments.  Jen sang “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” to Justin.  Justin dedicated a song to his father who attended the wedding by showering his love around them from heaven.  Lots of emotions followed and then Justin’s mom came over and embraced him tightly for a few minutes as they honored his father.

To bring some lighthearted fun back to the mood, Justin surprised Jen during the garter toss by searching everywhere to the Mission Impossible theme song.  He disappeared and came back as batman and had everyone laughing up a storm.

The night ended with a sparkler exit as they walked hand in hand towards their happily-ever-after.

Justin & Jen,
Your wedding day was filled with so much love and joy that it was almost overwhelming.  I’m so happy that you two found each other and have this new journey together.  Thank you for having me be a part of your love story.  Enjoy this little sneak peek into your best day ever. 🙂

Yours Truly,

This little guy was so well behaved all day!

First looks will always be one of my favorites…

Look at this pup’s smile!  So darn cute!

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A Wedding in the Woods: Justin & Jen : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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