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I believe that soulmates exist.  That there is an unexplained force that brings two people together.  Some would say fate works in mysterious ways but in my opinion, God has helps guide us to the one we’re meant to be with.

Garrett & Regan are no exception.  As they got ready for the best day of their lives, Regan was nothing but smiles.  She was beaming with joy and love.  Garrett anxiously tapped his feet any time he wasn’t doing something. However, that all changed as soon as he saw his bride for the first time. (One of the reasons I LOVE first looks.)  He pulled her in close after taking her all in and throughout the day, any chance he could, he would compliment her on how good she looked in her dress.

Their ceremony took place at St. Joseph’s parish in Andale, Kansas.  Last year, the parish was struck by lightning and was in disrepair.  The beautiful church at its finest and it was a beautiful ceremony filled with love that showered down from our heavenly Father.

Rain blessed them with good luck before the reception festivities began so we went outside to take advantage of some seriously, dreamy photo ops.  The dancing kicked off with a Wedding Grand March where almost all of their guests joined them on the dance floor as they spun around for their first dance as husband and wife.

Garrett & Regan,

The love that you two share is simply beautiful.  There is so much joy in your hearts and souls when you are with one another or talking about each other and it is enough to melt anyone’s heart.  Thank you so much for having me be a part of it all.  I cannot wait to see where life takes you next!  I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon and here is a sneak peek to enjoy together while cuddling close on the beach.  <3

Yours Truly,

And just as we were getting ready to go back inside, it down poured so of course, I had to get one last shot.

Grand Wedding Marches are so much fun!

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Romantic Rainfall Wedding: Garrett & Regan : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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