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When two people have a beautiful friendship before they become a couple there’s a stronger bond together (I believe).  There’s something about having a history with each other before falling in love that makes them closer.

Elise and her bridesmaids started the day listening to music while having their hair and makeup done.  Her sisters, her mom and Ethan’s mom shared in laughter while they created memories that will last them a lifetime.  Her bridesmaids helped her get ready and then oohed and aahed as she spun around once for them.

Elise’s father stood with a big smile on his face as she approached him for a first look.  He turned around and immediately told her how beautiful she was before taking it all in and bringing her in for a hug.  Her mom and bridesmaids sneaked a peek from the window in the distance and were fighting back tears of joy as well.

Ethan arrived a little later and was excited to see his bride.  As the ceremony begin, I could see him raising up on his toes to get a better look as everyone stood up when Elise entered the room.  Elise’s father walked her down the aisle with pride and joy filled in his stride.  The couple shared a candle lighting ceremony before exchanging rings and sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.

A limo arrived and surprised the couple.  The wedding party hooted and hollered as they got in the limo before driving to the reception.  At the reception, everyone cheered for the grand entrance and during the cake cutting, they were tempted to not be so nice but it ended sweetly.  After heading outside for some gorgeous photos as the sun was softer, the couple made their way to the dance floor and everybody followed.  Dancing and fun continued the rest of the evening for a night that the two of them will never forget.

Ethan & Elise,

You guys are so sweet with each other that it makes it easy for everyone around to see how in love you are.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.  I hope you are having a wonderful honeymoon in Colorado!  Enjoy this little sneak peek of your day!

Yours Truly,



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