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Morgan and I have known each other since my Sophomore year of high school.  Actually, Morgan was one of the girls I felt most comfortable around when I went to school with her.  She is genuinely kind, understanding and is filled with so much joy for life that it’s contagious.  You cannot not smile when you’re around her because she fills the air with happiness and love.

I first met Garett a few years back when I was their wedding photographer.  Instantly, I knew that these two were meant for each other because Garett’s smile is just as filled with joy as Morgan’s.  Their connection seems to have so much to do with their love for the life God created for them.

I was so excited to do their anniversary session last weekend.  I not only got to work with this adorable couple again but I had the chance to remember just how amazing their hearts are.

Enjoy this little sneak peek into their anniversary session!

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Rustic Timbers Anniversary Session: Morgan & Garett : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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