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Nicole and Eric are the perfect match.  From their genuine smiles, their ability to make the best out of a situation and of course, the love they have for each other. A sunny Friday turned into a stormy evening.  As the clouds rolled in, their session ended up being one of my favorites of all […]

Rainy Day, Glitter Filled, Champagne Poppin’ Engagement Session: Nicole & Eric

April 16, 2018


Can I be honest for a second?  When a bride writes to me, I can immediately tell if we are meant to work with each other or not.  From the inquiry, I can pick up personality and I get really excited when I just know we are going to make amazing pictures and have a […]

Sunset at the Boathouse Engagement Session : Kassidy & Jacob

March 12, 2018


Tyler & Mindy have known each other for over 13 years.  Meeting during college , it took a little bit of time for them to find their way from just friends to be mine forever.  The first time that Tyler made it known that he liked Mindy more than just a friend was via snapchat […]

Winter Engagement Session in KCMO: Kansas City Wedding Photographer : Mindy & Tyler

January 25, 2018


  Lexi is a nurse in Kansas City and David plays professional baseball for the Miami Marlins Organization.  Long distance can be hard on a relationship but these two seem to have a love for each other that makes the long distance seem like a home run away. I woke up to an email from […]

Downtown Wichita Engagement Session : Lexi & David

December 22, 2017


Have you ever thought those movie love stories were completely made up?  That there was absolutely no way that two people happened to cross paths in the most random place? Catherine & Kris’ story could be taken right out of a Hallmark Christmas Special. Just ask Kris how much cologne you have to buy to […]

Belle Plaine Bartlett Arboretum Fall Engagement: Catherine & Kris

November 15, 2017


It had rained all night and just as the sun began to rise, the rain departed.  Sarah & Ian’s parents tagged along to cheer the couple on as they celebrated their engagement.  These two lovebirds are perfect for one another.  Their sweet disposition, the way they easily lean into one another as they walk together, […]

Sarah & Ian : Loose Park & Nelson-Atkins Museum : Kansas City Wedding Photographer

October 13, 2017


Kay & Brandon are two wonderful people that fell hopelessly in love with one another.  Both of them having an inner-nerd side, they brought along their favorite books and wore shirts proudly displaying their love for Harry Potter & Star Wars.   Souls as kind these two are hard to come by.  I am so […]

Lakeside Engagement Session: Kay & Brandon

October 12, 2017


It’s always fun meeting so many wonderful couples but Jack & Taylor stand out to me in particular.  It was such a pleasure to work with these two before the wedding even though they live in Chicago.  Taylor’s outgoing personality is contagious and Jack can’t help but to smile when he looks at her.  The […]

Kansas City Wedding Photographer: Taylor & Jack’s Union Station Engagement Session

October 11, 2017


These two lovebirds compliment each other so beautifully.  From their smiles and laughs to their love for Dr Pepper. Their pets Spud & Dexter joined in on the session and added a touch of puppy love to the mix.  They were so photogenic! They will be tying the knot in June, 2018 in Seneca, KS. […]

Topeka Wedding Photographer: Allyssia & Alex

October 2, 2017


These two are filled with love and happiness for not only one another but their beautiful son.  Although, he didn’t want much to do with the engagement session, watching the bond between them and their son was a beautiful thing. It was a lot of fun getting to know these two.  They laugh a lot […]

Overland Park Wedding Photographer: Demetrius & Lauretta

September 16, 2017