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Fate works in mysterious ways.  One day, you are dancing with your friends and the next, your forever dance partner has whisked you away towards your happily-ever-after. Garrett and Regan will be tying the knot next May and if their wedding day is even half of what this engagement session was, I know it will […]

A Wichita Boathouse & Hyatt Fountains Engagement Session

September 11, 2018


  When I first met Alex and Kate this summer, I could instantly tell that the two of them are soulmates. They both carry a happy vibe that is contagious.  Alex’s go-to was to wrap his arms around Kate and pull her in close.  It seemed to come so naturally to him and Kate’s response […]

Romantic Dusk Engagement by the Lake : Alex & Kate : Wichita Wedding Photographer

August 27, 2018


One thing I absolutely love about my job is meeting so many different couples and hearing the stories of how they met and fell in love. Audrey and Steven are no exception. On Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, these two were at game night playing cards.  One of Audrey’s friends must have known […]

A Very Sweet Engagement at Sedgwick Co. Park : Steven & Audrey : Wichita Wedding Photographer

August 25, 2018


  I am a firm believer that when we put ourselves out there and are open to experiences, fate will work its way and love will find us in the most unlikely of places. Alyssa and Tyler are both active members in Young Professionals of Wichita.  That’s how they initially met one another.  But then […]

Summertime Downtown Wichita Engagement Session: Alyssa & Tyler : Wichita Wedding Photographer

August 21, 2018


Madison and Cameron easily fall into one another’s arms.  They smile as they talk about one another and when they look at each other they are starry-eyed. The lake was the dreamiest place for an engagement session as the sun danced behind the clouds and trees, creating the picture perfect evening. Their wedding is taking […]

Dreamy Lakeside Engagement : Madison & Cameron : Wichita Wedding Photographer

August 14, 2018


Morgan and I have known each other since my Sophomore year of high school.  Actually, Morgan was one of the girls I felt most comfortable around when I went to school with her.  She is genuinely kind, understanding and is filled with so much joy for life that it’s contagious.  You cannot not smile when […]

Rustic Timbers Anniversary Session: Morgan & Garett : Wichita Wedding Photographer

August 6, 2018


Such sweet people these two are!  When Miranda looks into Aaron’s eyes, her eyes seem to sparkle and he can’t help but to pull her in close and kiss her forehead.  So much love and compassion towards her as he guided her towards him.  To say that they are meant to be would be an […]

A Bradley Fair Engagement: Miranda & Aaron : Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 16, 2018


One thing I love about engagement sessions is that we get to shoot at my favorite time of day…SUNSET!  This couple picked the perfect location for a summer engagement and brought their adorable doggies along for some shots. Megan and I have known each other since middle school.  We cheered together and now she’s my […]

Lakeside Sunset Engagement Session: Megan & Tyler : Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 10, 2018


I don’t think this couple could get any more adorable.  Their sweet laughs and the way they pull each other in shows just how they are meant to be. Danny & Laura are tying the knot this fall and it’s sure to be even more love-filled than their engagement session was. I hope you love […]

Charming Flower Garden Engagement Session at Bartlett Arboretum: Laura & Danny : Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 6, 2018


We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day at the Loose Park Rose Garden. Molley and Kendall have hearts that are filled with not only love for each other but love for their darling little girl. Their eyes sparkle with happiness when they are with one another.  When Kendall pulls Molley in close, her […]

Dreamy Rose Garden Engagement: Kansas City Wedding Photographer : Molley & Kendall

May 31, 2018