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Alex & Kate:
A Charming Vineyard Wedding in
Winfield, Kansas

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In a modern world lies an old castle filled with family history and with a love story like J & Savannah’s, it was the perfect touch. Savannah and J met on Tinder.  J moved here from the coast and when they went on their first date, it was easy to see that there would be […]

A Castle Engagement: J & Savannah : Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 17, 2019


If I learned something from Ashley & Zach, it’s to listen to your mama.  😉 Their moms work together and kept name dropping them.  Finally, Zach reached out to Ashley and after her just waiting to respond for a few weeks, they finally started talking.  Who would have known that their relationship would blossom and […]

A Summertime Sunshine Engagement Session: Ashley & Zach : Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 15, 2019


Jordan and Kaite drove two hours to have their engagement session with me at one of my favorite summer spots and it was worth every moment.   They laugh so easily around each other.  When Kaite looks towards Jordan, he instantly pulls her in closer to him.  Their snuggles come so naturally and joy just […]

A Magical Botanica Garden Engagement for Jordan & Kaite: Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 15, 2019


The sunny, June day was perfect for a wedding.  Katherine’s mom, sister and best friends pampered her as she got ready.  Everyone kept telling her how beautiful she looked.  Her smile barely left her face the entire time. They decided to keep things traditional so the first time Schuyler saw her was when she was […]

Downtown Wichita Cathedral Wedding: Schuyler & Katherine

July 12, 2019


Matt & Kelsey just beam whenever they look towards one another.  To see that kind of love shine through lets everyone around them know how much Christ is present in their relationship. Their beautiful wedding day began at St. Catherine’s of Sienna in Wichita, Kansas.  Kelsey was absolutely excited but a little nervous at the […]

Elegant Catholic Wedding : Matt & Kelsey : Wichita Wedding Photographer

July 8, 2019


I’ve known Margie since I was 12.  We used to teach cheerleading and dance and used a local church’s hall for classes and my mom and I would pick up the key from her every week.  She actually does photography as well and took my maternity photos when I was pregnant with Memory 10 summers […]

Lakeside 50th Wedding Anniversary : Tom & Margie : Grove Wedding Photographer

June 25, 2019


The details from this wedding are one of a kind.  Constellations, galaxy colors and even a giant moon all dazzled their day. Kathleen was so calm that morning.  Jacob said he was so happy to hear that she was just relaxing that morning and that he was happy she was getting showered with words of […]

A Star-Crossed Wedding at The Hudson

June 24, 2019


Sarah and I first met last July at the bridal show and when she told me all about her love for the color yellow and how excited she was about her summer wedding, I knew we were a match.  Summer is my favorite season and this wedding had the perfect, summer feels but left guests […]

A Summertime Wedding at Distillery 244 : Matt & Sarah : Wichita Wedding Photographer

June 20, 2019


One thing I couldn’t help but notice was just how excited Pat was to see Regan.  He was nothing but smiles.  He didn’t seem anxious or nervous.  He seemed ready to become her husband. They shared a private first look.  Regan walked towards him and when he turned around, he sent her a heart.  They […]

Sweetly Romantic Catholic Wedding : Pat & Regan

June 14, 2019


Alex and Kate are two souls that couldn’t be more meant for one another. Alex was so excited to marry Kate.  He couldn’t stop smiling and talking about her.  So it was no surprise that when they shared their first look that he got a little choked up as he walked to her and embraced […]

Charming Vineyard Wedding: Alex & Kate : Wichita Wedding Photographer

June 7, 2019