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Christmas is by far my favorite holiday.  The joy and magic it brings into the household makes it memorable.  Buddy, the Elf on the Shelf, hides away sneakily around our home.  He leaves notes to the girls encouraging them to clean their rooms, be nice to each other and even eats their Christmas cookies they […]

Christmastime in our Home

December 11, 2018


The Wichita Bridal Expo at Century II is only a month away so I’ve decided to share a few tips as we approach to help you have the best experience possible.   Bridal Show Tip #1:   Make a list of your top three priorities. This way, when you arrive, you won’t be overwhelmed by […]

Bridal Show Tips & Tricks #1: Top 3 Priority List

December 10, 2018


If a love story could be written in one day, this day would be it. Jacob & Kassidy’s November wedding was full of elegance, love and laughter. Kassidy, her mom and the bridesmaids all got ready excitedly.  While Kassidy’s mom helped get her in the dress, her bridesmaids stayed out of the room so there […]

Romantic & Sophisticated Wedding at Stone Hill Barn : Jacob & Kassidy : Wichita Wedding Photographer

December 6, 2018


I believe that love gives us something to smile about.  When we find the person we are meant to be with, nothing can brighten our day more than spending time with one another.  Jessica loves to make little jokes and Daniel will look at her with a certain spirit in his eyes before smiling and […]

Fall Countryside Engagement: Daniel & Jessica

December 4, 2018


These two welcomed the first weekend of December with a trip to the Windy Knoll Christmas Tree Farm in Derby, Kansas.  Not only was the weather the picture perfect wintry day, the charm of the farm added to the romantic feel brought about in the Christmas season. They easily snuggle in close and smile towards […]

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement : Clint & Ashley : Wichita Wedding Photographer

December 3, 2018


If love could be described perfectly in one moment, I’d say that it’s the moment that two people make eye contact and feel something they’ve never experienced before. Some of us would call that the butterflies.  Some would say it’s electricity.  Others might call it a “zing” if they’ve seen the latest Hotel Transylvania. Regardless […]

Christmastime Engagement : Jake & Mikayla : Wichita Wedding Photographer

December 1, 2018


It may have been on 29 degrees.  It may have been blowing 30mph winds.  This couple made it amazing nevertheless.  The snow created a romantic scene swirling around the love that these two share.  Luckily, their wedding is in June so it’ll be plenty warm for them by then!  <3 I hope you enjoy this […]

Winter Wonderland Engagement: Jessie & Hector : Wichita Wedding Photographer

November 28, 2018


You know that feeling you got inside of you when you met the love of your life? That feeling you’re unable to explain in words because it’s so overwhelming?  Some say it’s electricity.  Others say it’s the butterflies in the pit of your stomach.  It’s a feeling that never goes away with time.  It may […]

Fall Sunset Wedding at Rolling Hills Country Club : Travis & Erica : Wichita Wedding Photographer

November 15, 2018


Just a boy from New Jersey and a girl from Kansas whose lives brought them to New York so they could find their happily, ever after. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful for a wedding.  The fall weather blessed them with sunshine and warmth. Kassidy got ready upstairs in the church while Warren was […]

Victorian Wedding at the Salina Country Club : Warren & Kassidy : Salina Wedding Photographer

November 8, 2018


Last December, I met these two kind souls.  They easily laugh around each other.  They lovingly look into one another’s eyes and the rest of the world seems to melt away around them. Lexi is a rockstar bride.  If I could encourage all of my couples to do one thing to make their photos amazing, […]

Breathtaking Exploration Place Wedding: David & Lexi : Wichita Wedding Photographer

November 5, 2018