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Hannah & Tate:
A Gold Sparkle
Ballroom Wedding

I'm Sara Rieth.


I’ve now known Tate & Hannah for two years.  We shot their engagement photos in summer 2017 and right from the moment we hugged, I knew this couple was going to hold a special place in my heart. Their gorgeous gold sparkle wedding last June graced the magazines.  A two page spread in Kansas Weddings […]

Romantic Downtown Wichita Anniversary Session: Tate & Hannah : Wichita Wedding Photographer

May 23, 2019


One of the best moments to capture on camera is the look he gives his future bride.  The way his eyes lovingly look at her.  The smile that comes to his face as she smiles at him.  The way he pulls her in close. Trebor and Ellie shared those moments over and over again during […]

Cheerful Engagement Session at Eastborough Park: Trebor & Ellie : Wichita Wedding Photographer

May 20, 2019


I met Justin and Jen at the bridal show in January and they were both so excited for their wedding day.  Many times I hear the words, “Happy wife, happy life” as the groom jokes around that he’s there for moral support as his bride decides on everything. However, Justin is hands on with the […]

Charming Garden Engagement Session : Justin & Jen : Wichita Wedding Photographer

May 16, 2019


I remember the first time I met my husband.  I was 14 and I could tell something was different about meeting him than meeting anyone else.  It was as if my soul knew what my future would be. . . I believe that soulmates exist and Kendall and Molley are the perfect example of two […]

An Elegant Farmhouse Estate Wedding: Kendall & Molley : Kansas City Wedding Photographer

May 7, 2019


When I met Megan at the bridal show a few months ago, I could just tell how special her connection with Aaron was.  She shone brightly as she shared their wedding plans.  It was easy for anyone to see that she could not wait to marry the love of her life. Aaron and Megan look […]

An Intimate Engagement Session in Downtown Wichita : Aaron & Megan : Wichita Wedding Photographer

April 30, 2019


Tsun & Kara have a fun , how did we meet, story.  They were introduced to one another through mutual friends and after meeting Tsun had left his wallet in her car.  He swears it was an accident but my husband pulled that same line with me except with a baseball cap so Kara and […]

An Enchanted Forest Engagement : Tsun & Kara : Wichita Wedding Photographer

April 25, 2019


If one word could describe what these two share, it would be happiness.  There is so much joy radiating from Sam & Leighton’s hearts as they gaze into one another’s eyes.  The sunshine and spring flowers made the perfect combination. These lovebirds will be tying the knot next April at Church of the Magdalen with […]

Sun Filled Springtime Engagement : Sam & Leighton : Wichita Wedding Photographer

April 23, 2019


That look.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The one where the love of your life looks into your eyes and it seems as if the entire world around you melts away.  The one that takes you back to your first date and how you felt butterflies as he pulled you in for your […]

Romantic Springtime Wedding at The Farms at Woodend Springs : AJ & Leah : Kansas City Wedding Photographer

April 18, 2019


Tessa reached out to me after she fell in love with the images from her cousin’s wedding (here).  I knew her photos were going to be filled with so much joy because she was beaming as she shared her and Caleb’s love story with me. Caleb & Tessa met in Manhattan.  Caleb asked her to […]

Magical Garden Engagement : Caleb & Tessa

April 16, 2019


When Abby found me on Instagram, I could tell by the excitement in her messages that, she was beaming with joy from the love that Hunter and she share. Abby & Hunter met in college and from the sounds of it, God played a huge role in finding the perfect person to complete the other’s […]

Springtime Floral Infused Engagement Session : Abby & Hunter : Wichita Wedding Photographer

April 9, 2019