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I first had the opportunity to work a wedding at this gorgeous venue in September, 2018. I actually had been following them on social media for about a year. Each New Year, I comprise a list of three venues I haven’t shot at yet but hope to shoot at. This was the top one on my list. So when my bride, Mindy, reached out to me in late January, I was ecstatic that I would finally have the chance to shoot here.

*Click here to view Mindy & Tyler’s Wedding Day or see it featured in EA Bride Magazine!*

The Journey Home in Dearborn, Missouri is a mix of both worlds put together. It’s plantation style home offers amazing light, a beautiful bridal suite and endless photo ops. You have the option of having your ceremony outside in front of the home, in front of the trees or in front of the field. Not too far off is a stunning white barn. White barns give a country vibe without being over the top rustic like a red barn. The barn offers doors on either side that open and allow beautiful, streaming light to come in.

I reached out to Tara and asked her a few questions to help brides decide on their perfect venue. 🙂

But first, here are 3 tips for all of my brides looking for the picture-perfect venue:

1) Lighting is everything. Lots of windows, open doors and light, neutral walls are always your best option.

2) For outdoor weddings, always have your ceremony within 2 hours of sunset and make sure the sun is behind a tree line, building, etc and that it’s coming from behind your arbor for that dreaminess.

3) If you are wanting an outdoor ceremony/reception, having a white tent with see-through walls is a great choice to have on site in case of rain. Reach out to a tent company a few months beforehand and ask how far in advance you can rent it. You might be able to rent it out a week before once you have a good feel for the weather. 🙂

Tara Bledsoe : General Manager at The Journey Home
PC: So Loved Photography

Q: When did The Journey Home first open its doors as a wedding venue?
We began offering weddings in December, 2012.

Q: How many weddings have taken place there?
142 so far!

Q: Do you have any tips for brides when they are searching for their perfect venue?
Know your budget, know your specific needs, ask questions, read reviews, visit their websites, and be open.

I recommend to start by setting a budget. This will keep you from falling in love with a venue you can’t afford. Get together with your partner and think about what’s important to both of you in a venue. Ask us what’s included in the venue to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck! Read reviews and see what others are saying about their experiences. Many venues have helpful information on their websites and amazing galleries to help you envision what your day could look like. No venue will be exactly what you want but keep in mind the right vendors can make magic happen!

Q: What is one thing you’d like to tell brides to do before they book a venue?
Definitely do your research and know the venue’s policies, expectations, and what’s included before you book.

Q: What is something a bride should do / not do on her wedding day? 
A bride on her wedding day should not be the person in charge of the day. We recommend investing in a coordinator which allows the bride to slow down and have the best day of her life, not the most stressful.

Q: On average, how much should a couple be expected to spend on a wedding venue in the KC area?
Wedding venue pricing in the KC area is so diverse based on different features or exclusivity of the venue along with the couple’s needs. However, an average wedding in the KC area is between $25k and $30k with your venue and catering taking up about 40% of that on average.

Q: What’s your favorite part about running a venue? 
My absolute favorite thing about running a wedding venue is the day of! Getting to see all of the hard work and planning coming together is amazing. Each couple has a unique style and I love seeing what they’ve envisioned come to life. Being a part of their #bestdayever is so fulfilling!

To find out more about The Journey Home wedding venue, follow them on social medial or check out their website. Links here 🙂

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