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This week is part II of my interview series and I have an amazing vendor with so much info filled in this post that you guys are going to LOVE.

I actually just had the chance to work with Emily and Israel of i.e. Design House at my first wedding of 2019 and I could not have been more excited! In this industry, it’s sometimes hard to find wedding coordinators that really share your vision and I’m excited to have a new (husband & wife) team to add to my favorite list!

Photo by: Paper Sun Photography

Q: “As someone who’s recently married, what is something you would make sure to do if you could go back in time?”

A: “I would not do so much myself. I’m very hands on and so I wanted to create this gorgeous flower wall for our day. I love the way it turned out but it was so stressful trying to get it done. If I would have had a wedding planner, she could have done that for me or could have found something for me to rent/buy. I think it’s really important to relax the week of the wedding and even the wedding day. Having someone to take care of all the questions, the vendors, the stress…it would have been a game changer.”

Q: “How did you get into wedding planning?”

A: “Planning my own wedding really sparked my interest. Israel and I are both artists so putting our talents together seemed like the right move.”

Q: ” What’s one thing you’d like to tell brides before they book full planning or day of coordinating?”

A: “Make sure the planner really connects with your personality. Having a vision board or at least some sort of starting point idea of what you want your wedding to look like (colors, a vibe, etc) can help make sure you are hiring the perfect planner for you.”

Q: “Any tips for brides when they are planning their day?

A: “DIY ends up being way more money and time than expected. Trust me, I know from my wedding experience. Planners have a lot of things on hand or connections in the industry to help you find flower walls, decor, plating and centerpieces.”

From January’s wedding with i.e. Design House at The Bride & The Bauer

Q: “What is the average range of full planning and day of coordination in the Kansas/Missouri area?”

A: “Full planning services usually around $5000 while day of coordinating is typically closer to the $1200-$1500 mark. It really depends on the experience. Someone who is experienced, helps and goes above and beyond is going to be more because they will be in higher demand. It can be looked at as a big investment but it’s definitely one that’s worth it in the long run.”

Q: “What is your favorite part of your job?”

A: “My favorite part is getting to know all of my couples and making friendships, building relationships. The creative side of it is pretty fun too. My husband and I are both artists so we love to create and having him by my side working is a great part of my job too.”

Thank you so much, Emily and I hope we get to work with each other again very soon! Interested in finding out more about Emily & Israel at the i.e. Design House? Here are their links:

instagram: @iedesignhouse
facebook: @iedesignhouse

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