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Hello beautifuls!

This week starts off my Q & A interview series to help answer your questions for different vendors.

I have worked with some AMAZING hair stylists. I love all of them so much but one holds a place a little closer to my heart.

Meet Jessica Latham. Some of you may recognize this beauty because this is from her dreamy tropical wedding I shot in Destin, Florida last July.

Jessica was sweet enough to sit down with me and let me get to know more about her as a hair stylist and give my brides some amazing tips while they look for their perfect stylist and style.

She has been in the wedding industry since 2010. 🙂

Q: “What is one thing you would like to tell brides to make sure they do before booking their hair stylist?”

” I think it is important for a bride to look through a hairstylist’s formal styling portfolio and chose someone who best represents the overall look they are trying to achieve for their wedding. Just like photographers, we all have our own unique “style” too!”

Q: “Do you have any tips for brides when they are deciding on the perfect hairstyle for their big day?”

A: “Keep your whole look in mind; dress, jewelry, veil, etc. Did you fall in love with a gown that has gorgeous back detail? Let’s show it off! Are you the type of girl who hates having her hair up? These are just a few things your hairstylist should go over with you during your consultation. No detail left behind!”

Q: “Many brides don’t think about having their hair done professionally for the engagement session. What is some perspective you can share on helping brides make the decision to hire someone for their session?”

A: “Your engagement session is a perfect opportunity to meet with your wedding hairstylist! And let’s be honest, one less thing you have to worry about.

When your hair has been done professionally, it stays in place better, and for a longer time. Having professional hair done can give you just a little confidence boost, which completely shows in your photos!”

Q: “Do you have a favorite hairstyle you’ve done? “

” I am a sucker for a classic bridal look. Timeless elegance will always be in style and have a sweet spot in my heart.”

Q: “Finally, as someone who has recently gotten married, what’s one piece of advice you would give to any bride about her wedding day?”

A: “Plan as far in advance as you can. You will be able to book all of your favorite vendors and create your very own Wedding Dream Team!”

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