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When I got married, I rushed into hiring a photographer because we were planning it on a shorter timeframe and I was scared I wouldn’t end up having anyone available.

I’ve regretted my choice in a wedding photographer ever since (he was over an hour late, he didn’t plan any timeline with us and only a handful of the photos did I even love). I realized that with my experience, I can help other brides make sure they get the photos of their dreams and not have to experience something like I did.

In this post you’ll hear of real wedding photography horror stories some brides have shared with me, what I do to prevent them from happening & what you can do when you are searching for your picture-perfect photographer.  <3

Horror stories I’ve heard from brides that were bridesmaids in weddings I’ve shot:
“My photographer lost all of our images”
“My photographer forgot to take photos of just my husband and me together.”
“My photographer added costs I wasn’t expecting. I had to pay for every photo I wanted edited.”
“They didn’t give me photos that reflected the few I saw online.  I should have asked to see more.”

“My photographer never showed up.”

What do I do differently to ensure these don’t happen to the #sarariethbridetribe ?
* I have two memory cards backing each other up the entire wedding day. My second shooter also does. So even if I were to lose both of my memory cards, she has everything shot at least from a different angle.  Knock on wood, it’s never happened.   I also back everything up on my computer & my external hard drive and I don’t delete images off of the card until the gallery is uploaded online.  I’m a worry-wart, what can I say?  🙂
* I send all of my brides a detailed questionnaire to fill out closer to their wedding date to help start a timeline for the day. Everything is laid out beautifully for you as a guide for the day and pictures of just the two of you is my main priority. We will take photos at least twice if not three times if there is a first look. <3
* I haven’t ever forgotten about a wedding day since I have all of my contracts on hand and uploaded into my digital calendar but I have had a couple of family emergencies/sicknesses arise. My amazing second shooter is trained to be lead photographer in those rare events and I have three other photographers I work with on a regular basis that will step in to be second shooter that day.
* Never, ever will there be any other costs that weren’t stated in your contract. Every photo I send you will be hand touched (from the detail shots to the sparkler photos). I believe in sending images that tell your day in happily-ever-after form and want them to represent it picture perfectly.
*When I receive an inquiry, I have already asked what style or venue they are using on my contact form.  Immediately, I will send a blog feature link to show them what the wedding day storytelling experience is like with a similar venue.

But what are some things you can do to help prevent a wedding horror story happening to you with your photographer?

*Make sure you get to know their personality.  If you are really outgoing and bubbly, you’ll want to make sure you don’t hire someone more serious and vice versa.  Follow their social media & website for awhile before reaching out.  The way they portray themselves on those is more than likely how their shooting style will be.

*Ask them about their backup plan.  What they shoot on, how they back photos up, etc.  What do they do in an event of an emergency or illness?

*Make sure to see a wedding example from a similar venue and a similar time of year.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of different venues and a lot of the time, I’m shooting at a brand new spot (especially when I’m traveling).  So always be open to a photographer who hasn’t shot at your venue before but make sure they’ve shot something similar.  If it’s an outdoor garden wedding at 7pm in June, make sure they know how to navigate the sun.  If it’s a warehouse wedding at night, make sure they know how to work their flash to resemble natural light (at least, if that’s what you’re going for.  My brides are natural light obsessed like me.  🙂 )

*Your photographer should share a similar vision to yours.  Look at them and see if you can describe their work in three words and then see if those words resonate with you.

*Finally, when you do find your picture perfect photographer, make sure you sign a contract with them that states everything they will be including in your package. And I know it seems redundant but make sure to read the contract in its entirety and don’t be afraid to ask questions.   This way, you won’t be surprised if they do charge extra for editing photos  or travel fees.  🙂

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