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We’re less than a week away from the bridal show and if you’re like me, you’re starting to get excited thinking about checking off your wedding to do list as you get ready to speak with vendors and possibly even book.  The bridal show is going to be a lot of fun and you are going to receive tons of information and be inspired by all of the beautiful booths!

Before you walk out the door that morning, here are 5 things to do day of the bridal show.  🙂

#1) Charge your phone & make sure it has room to take pictures.  There are going to be over 200 booths there and chances are, you won’t be able to remember everyone you wanted to follow up with.   Most vendors will be more than happy for you to take photos of their booth or even of them if you really enjoyed their services and what they had to offer.  This will help you easily sort through pamphlets, price lists, etc. later in your goody bag because you can focus on the booths that you took pictures of.

Remember, the more information you have on booths/vendors you love, the easier it will be to connect with the company.

#2)  Dress comfortably.  There are a lot of booths to check out and you don’t want to get achey feet halfway through.  Encourage your 2-3 people that are coming with you to do the same so everybody has a great experience.

#3) Have an open mind.  Weddings are now a creative outlet for brides and grooms.  There will be so much inspiration and you’ll see things you didn’t even think of having at your wedding.

#4) Don’t forget to bring along your wedding budget.  If you haven’t budgeted for your wedding yet, make sure to have a rough idea of your budget for your top three priority vendors (if you haven’t read about choosing your top three vendors, click here 🙂 )  Remember that with some vendors, you get what you pay for.  If you’d like to hear real wedding horror stories from brides because of that phrase, check out this blog & it’ll also give you money saving tips to help you book your dream vendors!  🙂

5 tips to help you hire your dream vendors

#5)  With so much going on during the bridal show, it’s easy to forget questions you want to ask.  Bring a few questions along with you to ask the vendors you are already looking into hiring.

I cannot wait to see you this Saturday & Sunday!

Yours Truly,

~Sara Rieth is a Romantic Storytelling Wedding Photographer and has been in the wedding industry since 2012.  In 2016, she converted to weddings only and rebranded with a personal brand that speaks directly to brides.

Sara has shot 171 weddings to date and by the end of 2019, will have over 200 weddings of experience under her belt.  She has traveled to Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, California & Florida for weddings, anniversary sessions and engagements.  Her weddings and engagements have been featured by national & international publications including Kansas Weddings Magazine,  The Kansas Bride, Something Turquoise, Sweetened & Romantic, Aisle Society, Knots Villa, A Princess Inspired and EA Bride Magazine.

She is also a professional speaker and has offered brides & photographers advice for the past two years including the Wedding Timeline Workshop and Wichita Bridal Expo.  Her tips and tricks blogs have been published nationally and shared over 10,000 times.

Her passion outside of weddings is home schooling her three daughters, making memories with her high school sweetheart, dancing like nobody is watching and traveling to the beach as often as possible.~

Bridal Show Tips & Tricks #3 : 5 things to do day of the Bridal Show

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