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Last year, I attended the January Wichita Bridal Show with one of my friends who was planning a vow renewal.  I had never been to this bridal show before and since I hadn’t even had a booth there, I went in wanting to fully take in the experience to help future brides.  My friend and I conversed about some things we thought would be great for future brides.  Here’s what we came up with. . .

Bridal shows are a lot of fun.  They’re filled with tons of vendors, free samples, great deals and are a great way to meet your vendors face to face that you are seriously considering hiring them for one of the most important days of your life.  They can also be a little overwhelming.  There are a lot of people there too.  It welcomes nearly 1000 brides…. That’s incredible!

With that said, how can you have the most amazingly fun experience ever?  How can you meet with vendors, talk with them and maybe even hire them right then and there?  How can you check another thing off of your wedding to do list?

Here are my top three tips to making sure you have the best experience possible and get to checking off that to do list.  🙂

Tip 1)  Bring just a few people with you that are super invested in you and your fiance.  You want to bring friends and family that are there to help you and make it a blast for you.  Too many people can result in a stressful situation or make it hard for you to converse with all of the vendors you are wanting to meet with.  I recommended bringing three people with you.  Ideas would be his mom, your mom, maid of honor, your sister, his sister, your aunt, your godmother.  Choose three people that you know will help you and love experiencing this with you.

They will also think of questions that you may not.  This will help you be able to better decide who you want to book with or want to set up consultations with.

Tip 2) Bring a check list.  Remember how I said in my last blog to make a top 3 priority list?  (If you haven’t had a chance to read it, check it out here)  Now it’s time to make a check list from that priority list.  Study who is going to be at the Bridal Show and write which vendors you want to speak with the most from your priority list.  On this checklist, have a spot blank under each vendor’s name that you speak with to put in which package you are looking at, the price and if you mesh well with their personalities & love their work.  I’ll use Photography as an example since that’s what I know best.  🙂

Photographer Checklist:

Talk to:

Package(s) I love:

Bridal show special pricing:

Other deals after show:



Am I ready to book or schedule consultation?

Tip 3) Buy the two day pass instead of the one day pass.  Just because a vendor is running a sale, doesn’t mean you have to jump into something and then have buyers remorse the next day.  There might be a vendor or two you know you absolutely have to have right away. But if not, take Saturday night to sort your thoughts, look over your checklist and sleep on it.  Come back to your check list Sunday morning and your heart will know for sure who you want to work with.

If you already have a good idea of who you want to work with and the Bridal Show is just going to seal the deal, get in touch with those vendors now and have them hold your date tentatively if they have that option.  There are some brides who go to the show just to book their vendors there and don’t have anything to think about.  I have five brides that reached out to me already that they are booking that weekend so I’m holding dates for them tentatively until then.  Dates will go super fast for wedding season months (2020 April – October) and any remaining 2019 dates will be hard to grab with popular vendors so the sooner you reach out to them, the better.

I’d love to get to know you!  Stop by my booth (#65) on January 12th or 13th view my gallery and see what the #sarariethbridetribe experience is all about.  <3 

Yours Truly,

5 Fun Facts about Yours Truly: 

1) I was born in So. California but call this small town Kansas life home. 
2) I married my high school sweetheart when I was 18 and we’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary this June!
3) I am obsessed with Scooter’s coffee and gold sparkles.
4) I was named in The Knot magazine’s Hall of Fame in November, 2018.
5) The Greatest Showman is my all time favorite movie. 

Bridal Show Tips & Tricks #2: 3 Tips to help you have the best bridal show experience

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