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You know that feeling you got inside of you when you met the love of your life? That feeling you’re unable to explain in words because it’s so overwhelming?  Some say it’s electricity.  Others say it’s the butterflies in the pit of your stomach.  It’s a feeling that never goes away with time.  It may be harder to identify as we become comfortable with one another but it’s always there and only there with the one we’re meant to be with.

Every time Travis and Erica look into each other’s eyes, I can see that spark of electricity between them.

Their wedding day high temperature was 40 degrees.  It was sunny, clear and the dreamiest lighting a wedding could ask for.  Erica’s mom helped her into her dress and jewelry as Erica’s smile widened the closer we got to the time of their first look.  When I asked Travis if he was ready to see his bride, his word response wasn’t even needed because of the joy that came on his face.

As Erica walked towards him in the distance, he turned around and looked as though his breath had been taken away.  A few moments together and he couldn’t help but tell her that she looked hot.

Their children were their wedding party and they shared some sweet moments throughout the day.  From joyful smiles to happy tears, the four of them seemed to be very excited.

For the ceremony, Erica & Travis thought of the cutest idea!  To keep their guests warm, they provided coffee and hot apple cider for drinks and their guests received cute blankets to snuggle under.  The ceremony was short and sweet.  The sun lowering down towards the rolling hills behind them.  A heart garland encircled them on the arbor (designed by the groom himself!) .  Applause commenced as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

The reception was setup to help guests feel more included and welcomed.  A U-Shaped dining area with the happy couple together at the curve made for easy access around the table to meet & greet guests.  It also provided everyone with a great view of the dance floor. After their first dance, Travis’ daughter played the guitar & sang a song dedication to them.  We couldn’t help but notice Travis in the corner, videotaping it proudly.


Travis & Erica,
Your day came so quickly but it was absolutely perfect once it began.  I know there were a few small kinks early on that day but once the two of you were together, after that first look, I could see both of you become relaxed and joyous.  I send my wishes to you that the joy you felt that day never fades.  May you have a wonderful life together and thank you for having us be a part of your day.  Enjoy this little sneak peek.  🙂

Yours Truly,

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Fall Sunset Wedding at Rolling Hills Country Club : Travis & Erica : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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