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Some people say that love at first sight doesn’t exist but I beg to differ.  See, I believe that when you meet the person you are supposed to spend the rest of yourlife with that your soul knows.  A warm feeling engulfs your heart as both of you smile easily towards one another.  It’s as if a magnetic force is pulling your souls together.

Excitement and anxiousness were on their faces as they got ready.  Kris wrote Catherine a letter that almost brought her to tears.  From that point on, Cat seemed to be more relaxed.  Perhaps knowing that a part of Kris was in the room with her was all she needed to help calm her nerves. Her bridesmaids pampered her, helping in anyway they could as she got dressed into her stunning lace gown from The White Dress. Once it was on, everyone was all smiles as the big moment seemed to inch closer.

Kris stood at the altar, swaying back and forth as he anxiously looked for his bride.  As she came down the aisle, they locked eyes and smiles lit up their faces. There ceremony focused on the importance of having Christ as the foundation of the marriage.  The pastor presented them with a gift–a canvas of words to help them remember to keep their love strong by focusing on Jesus and each other.

Their first kiss probably set a record for the longest.  They were just so excited to finally be married that they pulled each other in a second time before a final blessing was bestowed.  When they came up the aisle, joyfulness filled them.

Before entering the reception, they popped confetti to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.  The reception was decorated with wooden chairs, greenery, florals and a gorgeous chandelier hung in the center.  Mr & Mrs balloons sat at the head table.  A taco bar was the perfect dinner for May 5th and guests had a fun time creating their own tacos.  Cocktails were created and provided by the groom’s family.  Everyone was raving about the Sangriarita.

After dinner, the couple headed to the cake table where Kris contemplated smashing the cake into her face but decided to honor the piece of paper she asked him to sign beforehand that stated he would feed it to her kindly.  Yes, you read that right–I did the same thing to Casey when we got married. When you know your partner’s evil side, you have to take precautions.  😉

Their first dance was choreographed and even though they had worried all day about it, they executed it perfectly.  After some dancing and the garter/bouquet toss, the couple requested that all of their guests join them for sparkler photos before the party continued on. It was the perfect ending the most perfect day.


Kris & Cat,

I couldn’t be more excited to share this sneak peek with you.  Your day was perfect in every single way.  The love that you share with each other is straight out of a fairytale and I know that you two will have such a wonderful life together.   Thank you so much for having me be a part of your love story.  Enjoy the blog feature!  <3

Yours Truly,


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Sophisticated Countryside Wedding at the Barns at Timber Creek Bed & Breakfast: Kris & Catherine : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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