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It seems unreal that our youngest was born five years ago.  The day I left the hospital was grey, windy and freezing cold.  The exact opposite of what her birthday was like this year.  The flowers were in full bloom, everything was starting to turn green and the warm sun made her eyes sparkle a little more.

It was a windy, Kansas day so we had to make a few last minute adjustments on where I set up everything outside.  Hazel welcomed guests by taking a picture with them at her photo booth.  The Greatest Showman played in the background as they circled round and round for musical chairs before it was cake time.

Hazel had wanted a rose themed birthday and it is so hard to find rose decor!  So we changed it up a bit to be a garden party.  Which worked out perfectly because the next day, on her actual birthday, I took the girls to Botanica for the first time during the spring.

Hazel ran ahead of us–so excited to see all of the flowers.  She had a few favorite spots that included the greenhouse, the koi fish pond and the Shakespearean garden.

I hope that if you are having a rough start to your Monday that these will help bring a smile on your face.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful not-so-little bumblebee.  <3

Yours Truly,



P.S. Please excuse our mess.  We replaced the siding and windows last year and have been waiting for a non-rainy, weekend to finally paint and get our home done!  Heaven knows, I’m ready to have my yard back.  🙂

A Garden Birthday Party for Hazel

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