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There’s nothing more perfect for a love story than a soft, falling rain that sets a romantic mood for a wedding day. I love the fact that these two love birds were up for the challenge and decided to still hold their ceremony outside.  I may be bias but I think outdoor ceremonies and receptions are the best.  The light was perfectly warm and soft throughout the day and created the picture perfect setting.

Rylee and Dane got ready in rooms that were just mere feet away from one another.  The bridesmaids were in charge of making sure their paths didn’t cross as Rylee’s hair and makeup was finished. Dane had made gift boxes for his friends.  Cigars, coasters, whiskey ice cubes and glasses were definitely a perfect and thoughtful gift for these guys as they looked through everything.   The girls had some fun posing for pictures before getting Rylee dressed.  Rylee’s mom, mother in law and maid of honor helped button & tie as she stood their looking completely stunning.

They chose to have their first look in the rain.  Rylee smiled as she approached Dane for the first time that day.  When he turned around, his face lit up and he took her into his arms.  The soft pitter-patter of the rain was the only sound besides their heartbeats as they stood there and just embrace one another for a moment.

Rylee’s father walked her down the aisle behind the little flower girl who was having so much fun tossing petals.  Rylee’s eyes were filled with so much love as she locked focus on her soon to be husband.  Her father hugged her before passing the umbrella.  The two of them were all smiles as they exchanged their rings and vows before Dane pulled her in for the first kiss as husband and wife.  Applause filled the skies as they headed to take pictures in the chilly but beautiful rain.

The party got started shortly afterwards with cake, toasts and dancing.  The reception took place in the barn and was covered in string lights that danced around a stunning chandelier that hung in the middle of the dance floor.  A greenery filled wall behind the head table added a touch of an Earthy vibe indoors.

Her father had a gleam in his eye as he twirled her around the dance floor.  Dane’s mother kept him close as the two of them danced.  Definitely moments that all of them would remember forever.


Dane & Rylee,

How amazing does it feel to finally be Mr & Mrs Edwards?  So much preparation went into your day and look just how beautiful everything turned out.  I am so happy that the two of you found one another and hope that you have a life filled with love, happiness and happily, ever after.  Thank you for having me be a part of your love story!  Here’s a little preview of your day to enjoy.

Yours Truly,


Romantic Outdoor Spring Wedding: Rylee & Dane : Wichita Wedding Photographer

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