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There’s something to be said about the truth behind the saying, “It’s the happiest day of your life”.

Chrystal was full of a joy that only a woman in true love could have.  Her beautiful smile flashed to everyone that she looked towards and her body language couldn’t hide the excitement that her heart was filled with.

Brad turned around and his smile matched hers to a tee as he embraced her.  They both laughed, hugged and kissed over and over again even though the cold wind hit them.  Chrystal couldn’t help but sharing that it really wasn’t all that cold but I think her excitement was what was keeping her warm as we walked through the woods and into a field.

The ceremony and reception took place inside to help keep everyone warm.

The head table was decorated with greenery filled hoops and twinkling lights.  Giant balloons danced behind the open bar that seemed to compliment the couple’s joyful personalities perfectly.  They read, “Good Vibes Only”.  Heck Yeah!  Of course, we had to grab some super fun shots under them before they shared their first dance as husband and wife.

Husband & wife…doesn’t it have an amazing ring to it?  The two of them swayed on the dance floor, completely ignoring the guests that surrounded them.  This was their moment together.

Soon afterwards, Brad shared a dance with his mom.  Chrystal sat on her own mother’s lap and her mom leaned in and held her not so little baby girl close.  It almost seemed as if a lifetime of memories were crossing her mind and the way that Brad’s mom was looking at him made me think she was doing the exact same.

Brad & Chrystal,

Your day was so magical.  Darn cold, but magical.  I hope that you will cherish each other forever as much as you cherished one another on your happiest day of your life.  Thank you for having me be a part of your love story.  Enjoy this little sneak peek as I finish up your gallery.  <3

Yours Truly,

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