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I am so happy for you!  There’s something about a smile on a bride to be’s face that just makes everyone else around them smile too.

The holidays are filled with love, laughter and a lot of beginnings to happily, ever afters.  You’ve said, “Yes!” but what do you do now?  Here are a few steps to help you along the way.



~Hire a Wedding Coordinator~

Whether you opt for the whole planning experience or just a day of coordinator, this will make your wedding experience magical as you see everything unfold and you won’t be stressed doing it yourself.

~Find a Venue~
Choose a place that will really represent your relationship.  A place that will take your guests into your unique love story.

~Pick a date~
A date that you’ll love forever and for always.

~Book Your Photographer~
The best photographers are booked months to even over a year in advanced.  Find out what style of photos you’re drawn to.

Dramatic flash? Dark & Moody?  Bright and airy?  Natural?  Storytelling?

Choose someone who you not only love their work but love their personality.  There’s probably something you see in them that’s in you.  They are capturing the most important memories for you to look back on in the anniversaries to come.

Schedule your engagement session for 6-12 months prior to the wedding.

Your photographer will be with you the entire day.  Hire someone you trust.

~Book your Florist & Choose a Cake Company~
These book up quickly too.  Choose someone whose vision board matches your own and of course, the cake must be delicious as well as gorgeous.  Don’t forget to have a cake tasting date night!

~Now it’s time to book a DJ~
They should get everyone out on the dance floor and help you stick to your timeline.  DJs should be entertaining and unafraid to get the show on the road.  They should also work well with other vendors who may not be staying as late such as your wedding coordinator, photographer & videographer.


~Don’t forget a Videographer~
Over the years, you’ll forget your vows or what your dad said to you during your toasts.  The best way to remember all of the love exchanged is by having it documented.

If you’re not marrying in a church, consider having a friend or family member officiate the wedding to share sweet memories of your relationship on a personal level.

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