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Tip of the Week: Ceremony tips for outdoor weddings.

You guys know outdoor weddings are my fave! 

One of the most common mistakes venues make with outdoor ceremonies is holding them in the heat of the day. This is especially true for June-September weddings.

To prevent your makeup from sweating off and your guests from squinting, here are three quick tips to help you make sure your ceremony is picture perfect.


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1) Pick a spot at the venue that has a tree line behind you. This will block the sun and will keep you and your guests in the shade. Plus, it allows that beautiful golden glow to emanate behind you like the image above.

2) Always have an outdoor ceremony within 2-3 hours of sunset. This is the time when the sun is starting to be at its softest. The closer you get to the 90 minute mark before sunset the better.  The image above was taken exactly 2 hours prior to sunset.

3) Lastly, if it is a hot day, always provide your guests with more than enough cold water to stay hydrated. Having hand held fans are a nice party gift for them to use during the ceremony too. And if it is going to be an outdoor affair, make sure your invitations make note of it so a guest can dress appropriately, wear sunscreen, etc.

Here are some suggested ceremony start times per time of year. 

June: 6pm
July: 6:30pm
August: 6pm
September: 5:30pm

Bonus Tip:  If you can, make sure you get outside the hour before the sun sets because you are going to get dreamy, gorgeously lit photos of just the two of you together.  Want to see more from this Sophisticated Countryside Wedding:
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3 Tips for Outdoor Ceremonies

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