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Nothing makes a relaxing night in more fun than having your bridesmaids over for some much needed girl time.  It’s easy to forget about friendship and love during all of the wedding planning so sit back, relax and make sure to try out this delicious Sangria Swirl Frozen Margarita recipe before you start the movie.  🙂




1) Father of the Bride :

Tissues are a must with this one.


2) The Proposal :

A little bit of Ryan Reynolds never hurt.


3) The Wedding Date :

One of my personal favorites.


4) My Big Fat GREEK wedding :

This one explains it all in the title and I find it hilarious every time.


5) 27 Dresses :

Always a Bridesmaid never a Bride


6) Bride Wars :

Kate Hudson & Anne Hathaway as BFFs who are getting married on the same day at the same venue is the perfect match.


7) Revenge of the Bridesmaids

Hopefully, your bridesmaids love you as much as you think…  😉


8) Princess Diaries:  A Royal Engagement

but first, watch The Princess Diaries and practice your foot popping skills.


9) Guess Who?  :

You know who?  Ashton Kutcher, that’s who.


10)  Meet the Parents :

The Himalayan cat, Jinxy, is probably my fave character in this movie.

10 Movies to Watch with your Bride Tribe

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now & then doesn't hurt."

"In old films, whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would just kind of...pop. "

Charles Schulz

the princess diaries

Meet Sara

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