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When choosing where you’re going to get ready at, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure the room has to provide the best light, best photo opportunities and enough room for everyone to get ready.  Sometimes, I may even ask you to take pics outside of your prep room if I believe it will provide better images.  All I need is a large window/open doors and a blank wall and I can make magic happen.  🙂

If your venue has a bridal suite, you’re going to be fortunate because most venues spend time creating the picture-perfect prep rooms.  If you’re venue doesn’t though, it can be tough to decide where to get ready at.  Many churches only offer dark rooms or cramped rooms.  Some places have only basements, green walls or tables and chairs everywhere to work around. Even hotel rooms can be a no-go if they are a smaller room with beds to work around.

I came up with 5 tips to help you make sure you’re getting ready images (and his getting ready shots) look amazing no matter where they are taken at.

– Open areas with lots of room to move in are key. You will have anywhere from 4-12 people on average getting ready with you. That’s a lot of dresses, shoes, makeup around.  The groom’s room should have a chair to sit in so I can get classic shoe/sock shots.  

See more from this Elegant Gold Sparkle wedding at Noah’s here 🙂

– Have a designated area for everyone to put their stuff at so that it is not cluttering the room. Trust me, you do not want any bras or used coffee cups in the background of you putting on your dress.

Taken at the Westin Crown Center Hotel. See more of this elegant wedding here:

– Natural lighting is key to those gorgeous getting ready shots. You will want at least one big window or multiple smaller windows facing a blank wall that you can stand in front. Even if you have a hallway with doors you can open to natural light (pictured below) you can get some great shots with your bridesmaids!  

This bride rented an Airbnb in a small town to get the desired look for her getting ready photos. See more from their wedding here 🙂

-Remember I need one blank wall facing the windows & at least three feet of space in front of you to me and at least 6 feet from a window (you are always facing a window) in order for me to get those stunning prep photos you dream about.  Sometimes, a living room is best for prep images.  Most of my favorite shots were taken in a home with a large living room space.  


These were taken in a living room of one of her bridesmaids’ homes.  See more of this wedding here: 

– Bring fun props for photos while you’re getting ready. We can pop confetti, pop some bubbly, strut your matching robes, say cheers with coffee or mimosas. Don’t forget shot glasses for the guys. 🙂


This was taken at a Hilton hotel . The window was to my left. See more of this Kate Spade inspired wedding here:

Bonus Tip:  Having you and your groom getting ready in the same vicinity or very close by will not only help the timeline work better, but it will help the photos look more cohesive from the day.  You want your images to look like they are straight out of a fairytale book and the best way to do this is by making sure the place you’re getting ready at resembles the same imagery as the entire day.

The 2017 Couple of the Year had their wedding at a cabin on a private lake. The cabin provided a woodsy feel that her entire day had for their prep shots. See more from this wedding here:


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5 Tips to Creating the Picture Perfect Prep Room

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