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The Couple of the Year is a nomination for being the face of the Sara Rieth Brand for the upcoming year.  Future blog posts will use your images, your photos will be used in magazine ads, online ads and even promotional materials for myself.

The couple gets a special feature in the magazine, Happily Ever After, to inspire 2018 & 2019 brides.  They also receive a complimentary 1 year anniversary session which is the most exciting part of it all.

Last year’s Couple of the Year had their wedding featured twice on wedding blogs and Truvelle dress designer featured their images!  They are now expecting their first born child in July!  Let’s send some love their way real quick.  Cheers to Rachel & Bradley!

If you’re wondering how to be considered for the 2018 couple, I’ve include a tip list at the end of this blog.  🙂

You guys, four couples received over 300 votes this year!  Can we get a round of applause for all of the amazing couples?  All of my couples rock and even though there is only one that had the top votes, each and every one of you deserve this.  That is why you were nominated. Your wedding was one phenomenal day but it doesn’t even compare to your wonderful spirit, personality and love that you share for one another.

I will never be able to express my gratitude to all of my couples that have touched my life over the  years.  They will always be considered family to me.  We spend months and sometimes even over a  year getting to know one another and I’m blessed to have such beautiful souls I get to meet.

The top vote counts were:
351, 339, 321 and 309.  Votes took place from December 26th-December 29th at 11:59pm.  Votes were likes, unique comments, public unique shares and page likes.

The top three finalists were Allison & James, Aspen & Jacob and Raney & Troy.

The 2017 Couple of the Year is……..


Sarah & Garrett Lundry who were married October, 2017 on a private lake in Topeka, KS.

Congratulations you guys!



Want to be a 2018 Couple of the Year finalist?  Here’s how:



  • The top couples are chosen based off of how many hits their blogs received on my website.  When you have your sneak peek blog go live, make sure to tag, share, comment and like away.  The more interaction I see on a blog post, the more traffic it gets on the web, it’s more likely that your wedding is catching the attention of others and would be a great representation for my brand.
  • The top couples paid close attention to details.   Flowers and greenery, invitations, timelines that provided enough time to get plenty of shots to use, lighting and space in their prep rooms, etc.  Head over to my facebook vlogs to see tips & tricks videos or browse through my tips & tricks blogs here on the website to help you curate the picture-perfect day.
  • Their wedding speaks directly to my brides.  My brides seem to share interests and they are all part of the Sara Rieth Bride Tribe.  They are a classic bride who likes to put a touch of herself into the wedding day to make it just a little bit more unique.
  • Be aware of lighting.  Your prep room needs to have large windows to supply natural light.  When planning your ceremony start time, make sure that you don’t have the sun causing anyone to squint (if your guests are squinting, then you’re going to have warm & blown out spots in the background) and if you’re squinting that’s just no fun for you!  Tree lines in the background to have a sunset peek through are gorgeous or a house/building/tree line in front of the ceremony that is tall enough to soften the bright heat light as it sets is a great option too!
  • Do something unique.  Make a S’Mores bar.  Have a sparkler send in or send off.  Have confetti cascade from the ceiling as you share your first dance.  Stop somewhere for pictures that is unforgettable.
  • The last thing that is taken into consideration is if your wedding is picked up by a wedding blog to be published as an inspiration to other brides.  Although, your wedding does not have to get a feature to make the top couples, it’s almost a guarantee for you if it does because that means your wedding is relating to an even broader audience.


2017 Couple of the Year!

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