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There’s something about a sweet love that two people share that just makes a room light up.  Monica’s smile dazzled just as much as the gold sparkle dresses her gorgeous bridesmaids strutted in.  Ben looked sharp in with his bowtie that complimented Monica’s princess dress.

Ben’s groomsmen were all hanging out when I arrived.  Ben wasn’t there…he was anxiously pacing around the church’s hallways.  He couldn’t just sit and wait–he was getting ready to marry the love of his life!

Monica and her bridesmaids were all prepping in the other room, excitedly.  As her mom helped her into her dress, everyone oohed and awed at the beautiful bride.  From her hair to her shoes, everything had a hint of gold and just looked magnificent when it was all put together.

Monica exited the bridal room and approached her dad.  The man she first loved, the man that didn’t know what true love was until he laid eyes on his little girl, the man that would always be there for her no matter how grown up she became.  As her father turned around, his breath was taken away by the sight of his daughter all ready to be given to her groom.  He pulled hugged her close and didn’t let go for a few seconds.  As if he was having a flashback of every memory they’ve shared together.

The church doors opened and everyone stood.  Ben looked towards the back of the church and caught a glimpse of his bride.  A smile came across his face as she neared him.  Closer and closer until her father gave him a hug and the happy couple walked up to the altar holding hands.  It wasn’t a full Mass but the beauty of the prayers, singing and the architecture did not disappoint.  As Father announced them has husband and wife, their smiles beamed as they leaned into one another for their first kiss as a married couple.  Joyful applause continued all the way outside until they got into their Miata and drove away before coming back around to take pictures.

Ben proposed to Monica at Bradley Fair and so what better place to take their portraits at?  As the two of them kissed for a photo, we were blessed with a sun shower.  Not only bringing them good luck to their marriage but a one-of-a-kind photo to last them a lifetime.

Upon their arrival at the Crown Uptown, we saw their name in the marquee.  Movie posters of themselves were featured in the windows.

I hadn’t been to the Crown Uptown since I was in high school and actually stepped foot on stage.  The new owners are doing a wonderful job at preserving the Crown’s historic theater.  Everything looked the same and it gave me goosebumps being there.  It was wonderful to see a place I hold dear to my heart being taken care of so wonderfully. The backdrop behind their table looked like warm stars in a night sky.  Gold sequins decorated the tables with a box of champagne chocolate treats made by the bride’s sister who toasted with her chocolates instead of the usual champagne.  What a delicious toast!

Ben & Monica came to the dance floor and wowed everyone with their waltz that they had rehearsed to perfection.  Her flowing gown magical as he spun her around and then topped it off with a dip kiss.

After the parent dances ended with tight hugs and happy tears, a couple led everyone in the Wedding Polka.  So many guests joined in and had a blast dancing around the two lovebirds.  Laughter and happiness was filling up everyone inside of the Crown and it couldn’t have been a more perfect way to get everyone out on the dance floor.


Ben & Monica,

Your day was truly spectacular.  I am honored that you had me there to experience all of the love you share.  I hope the two of you had the best time on your honeymoon and wish you both the most wonderful time of your lives throughout your entire marriage.  I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek into your day!

Yours Truly,



Elegant Gold Wedding at Crown Uptown : Wichita Wedding Photographer : Ben & Monica

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now & then doesn't hurt."

"In old films, whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would just kind of...pop. "

Charles Schulz

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