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When I met these two last Summer, the first thing that crossed my mind was Bewitched.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, Samantha is a gorgeous witch who is desperately trying not to use her powers as she wants to be the perfect housewife for her husband, Darin.  If you guys don’t watch 1950s-1960s TV shows–we can’t be friends.  😉

The real life Darin & Samantha are truly a one of a kind couple.  They are charismatic.  They happily do things the other doesn’t really, necessarily enjoy doing.  Go Packers! (right, Sam? )  Darin loves everything racing and it’s a big part of their relationship as well so Samantha gifted him a little something along the lines of racing.  Darin surprised her with gorgeous diamond earrings.  Earrings to match her ring perfectly, in fact.

During their engagement session, they brought along their favorite cups of joe from Starbucks and we had to continue the tradition with Sam’s cup now displaying the word ‘Bride’ on it proudly.

Her bridesmaids and mother helped her get ready in a room that was just a step from Darin’s.  It was no easy feat making sure that these two didn’t cross paths until their first look a couple of hours later.  We sent Darin on the elevator and prepared Samantha for the big reveal.  As the elevator door opened, Samantha’s body leaned towards Darin’s, a small yell of excitement came from her as his smile grew bigger and he then took her into his arms.

Just moments later, her first look with her father took place and so many happy tears came flooding from the both of them.  Her mom watched in the corridor and fought back tears as well.  Everyone in the room, overcome with emotions.

During the ceremony, they did an untraditional unity ceremony where they blended two wines together, a blush and a white, and then drank a sip of the combination.  As they recited their vows afterwards, they held hands and gazed into one another’s eyes.  Unconditional love making everyone in the room absolutely silent for a moment as we took all of the happiness in.

The reception was decked out in gorgeous silver & blue sparkles.  Pink roses complimented the blue so well and a monogram of their names danced above the head table.  They cut their cake, fed it respectfully to one another and then toasts and dancing commenced.  Glow sticks made their way to the dance floor and everyone started getting all dolled up in glow attire as the evening progressed.


Darin & Samantha,

I am sure you two are going to have the time of your lives as you continue on this new journey together.  The joyfulness that encompasses not only you but your entire family is breathtaking.  I hope you had the best honeymoon ever and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day.


Yours Truly,





Hair: Jessica Smith
Wedding Planner: Envision Your Dream Event Planning by Kristen Alexander
Dress Shop: Dress Gallery
Dress Designer: David Tutera For Mon Cheri
Florals: Shelly Dunham Hinderliter
DJ: Another Dimension
Video: Brittany Compton with Compton Creative
Decor & Rentals: The Table Guys
Photography: Yours Truly, Sara Rieth: Storytelling Photographer


Timeless Silver & Navy Wedding at the Drury Plaza Broadview Hotel: Wichita Wedding Photographer: Darin & Samantha

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"In old films, whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would just kind of...pop. "

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